Helck anime adaptation and new manga re-release announced in 2022

The announcement art of the Helck anime. Pic credit: Nanaki Nanao, author of Helck

The Helck anime adaptation was announced on Twitter through an image posted by the artist of Helck, Nanaki Nanao. What’s more, the Helck manga is being re-released. This announcement comes far after the series’ conclusion in 2017.

The author of Helck, Nanaki Nanao, posted the announcement art to their Twitter account on February 13, 2022.

This tweet reads, “Everyone, we did it!” while the image says, “Helck’s Anime Version Confirmed! To think that we’d ever get an anime… honestly, thank you all so much! – Nanaki Nanao”

Helck manga re-release planned for Spring 2022

Another tweet, this one from Sho Kobayashi, the deputy editor-in-chief of Manga One and Ura Sunday, in which Helck was published, was also posted on February 13, 2022:

This tweet reads:

“My gosh! The fantasy work Helck’s anime adaptation has been confirmed! 🎉🎊
“Even four years after the series’ conclusion, we still get so many passionate comments from fans, so we’re incredibly happy to hear that this work will become a big deal once again!
“So many of this work’s reviews call it a “legendary work”… we’re preparing to make a special edition for this spring, so get excited for that!!”

Both the publisher and author seem super excited for the adaptation — while it isn’t entirely uncommon for manga to get anime adaptations long after the conclusion of their run, it’s most certainly not as common as an adaptation of a currently-serialized work. One great example of an older, concluded series that was recently picked up to be turned into a massive franchise is Fruits Basket, which finished publication in 2006 and had a revamped anime made in 2019. The passionate fans behind Helck may have contributed to the decision to make an adaptation of the work.

What is Helck?

Helck is a fantasy manga series that ran from May 2014 to December 2017. It was collected into twelve volumes total.

It is set in a world in which the Demon King has been overthrown where Vamirio, one of the “Four Heavenly Imperial Rulers,” has plans to hold a tournament to decide who will be the next Demon King. One of the competitors is a human warrior named Helck, who claims to hate all of humanity enough to want to be the Demon King. Vamirio doesn’t exactly believe Helck, but lets him compete in the tournament regardless, the events of which are covered by the manga.

Who is the studio behind the adaptation of Helck?

As of yet, the studio behind the adaptation of Helck, as well as its release date, is yet to be announced. There are no studios rumored to be working on the anime adaptation.

When is Helck’s anime release date?

As of yet, the Helck release date has not yet been announced. Let’s just hope the wait isn’t too long. Say tuned!

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