Will there be a Hinamatsuri Season 2?

Hina as a young woman in Hinamatsuri
Hinamatsuri Season 2 will feature Hina as a young woman in high school

Hinamatsuri Season 2 is definitely going to be one of those TV series that anime fans will be looking forward to watching. After all, it definitely appears as if the yakuza Yoshifumi Nitta and the ESP girls Hina, Anzu, and Mao are being set up for a new adventure together with the way the first season ended.

Thankfully, the anime is based on a manga series that provides plenty of opportunity for producing a second season. The bad news is that Anime Geek is predicting that Hinamatsuri Season 2 won’t be greenlit for production.

The Hinamatsuri manga (which means “Hina Festival”) is written and drawn by mangaka Masao Otake. A Kadokawa magazine called Harta has serialized the manga since 2010.

As of March 2018, the manga is up to Hinamatsuri Volume 14 in tankobon hardcover format. Historically, a new manga volume has been released every March and September, so Hinamatsuri Volume 15 is likely to be published in September 2018, Volume 16 in March 2019, and so on.

Publisher Once Peace Books has licensed the official English translation of the Hinamatsuri manga. Unfortunately, the first volume won’t be released until September 18, 2018.

The release schedule for the English translation has not yet been announced so it’s uncertain when it will catch up with the anime’s events. Thankfully, fan translation projects have been keeping up with the monthly Japanese releases.

This article provides everything that is known about Hinamatsuri Season 2 and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s delve down into what is known for certain.

Hinamatsuri Manga Compared To The Anime — Opportunity For An OVA Episode?

The Hinamatsuri anime is probably the dark horse of 2018 when it comes to comedic anime. Similar to the ESP-themed Mob Psycho 100, the new anime entertains with its absurdity while still containing interesting emotional components to the story.

Many of the earlier chapters of the Hinamatsuri manga were spot gags that were not necessary for the main plot. Animation studio feel. apparently felt it was necessary to skip 19 chapters in order to reach a good stopping point for the first season. Unfortunately, this meant that chapters showcasing the girls’ powers were also skipped.

The pacing of the anime adaptation was very good in comparison to many other series. The anime used 28 chapters, which meant the chapter to episode ratio was about 2.33-to-1. In comparison, other anime like Tokyo Ghoul Season 4 is likely to have a much higher 5-to-1 ratio.

While manga fans hate it when the source material is skimmed by an anime adaptation, in this case, some of the skipped spot gags could probably be used in Hinamatsuri Season 2. What’s more, there is also an opportunity to use some of these skipped chapters for a Hinamatsuri OVA episode.

So far, nothing has been officially announced, but it would make sense to package an OVA episode with manga Volume 15 when it comes out in September 2018.

The beginning of Hinamatsuri Episode 12 and the snowy anti-climatic reveal of Hina’s special powers corresponded to Chapter 46 of the manga. The ending of the season finished off with Chapter 47 of Volume 9, leaving the anime completely open-ended.

All in all, there are plenty of manga chapters available right now for studio feel. to jump straight into making Hinamatsuri Season 2. When Hinamatsuri Episode 12 aired in Japan in June 2018, the manga was up to Chapter 78. The next story arc is much more interconnected so it’s unlikely the anime studio would skip any chapters.

The story has a good stopping point at either Chapter 76 or 77 of Volume 14 when audiences will finally find out what’s really going on with the future ESPer organization, which means the second season could be produced with a 2.5-to-1 chapter to episode ratio. However, it’s possible the anime sequel could find a better ending in a chapter that hasn’t been released yet.

Hinamatsuri Season 2 Release Date Predictions

As of the last update, studio feel. or any company related to the production of the anime has not officially confirmed the Hinamatsuri Season 2 release date. Nor has the production of a sequel been announced.

Once the news is officially confirmed this article will be updated with the relevant information. In the meantime, it’s possible to speculate about when, or if, the Hinamatsuri Season 2 premiere date will occur in the future.

The first season definitely ended in a manner that left an opening for Hinamatsuri Season 2. Chapter 47 was labeled as a major new story arc by the manga and included a big time jump of three years that jumpstarts the plot.

If studio feel. had intended on just ending with a single season, it would have made more sense for Episode 12 to have finished off with just Chapter 46 since it concluded with a touching scene between Nitta and Hina.

Studio feel. does have a history of producing anime sequels. Unfortunately, the financial predictions for the Hinamatsuri Blu-Ray sales in Japan are not that great but not horrible, either.

To put the numbers in perspective, the studio feel-produced Dagashi Kashi was brought back for a surprise second season despite having similar sales number. However, Dagashi Kashi also switched studios from feel to Tezuka Productions.

Since Hinamatsuri Season 2 has not already been confirmed as of 2023 the sequel is highly unlikely to be greenlit for production at all.

Hinamatsuri Season 2 Spoilers

Three years have passed and Nitta and Hina have moved into a new neighborhood and the two introduce themselves to their new neighbors as a father and daughter. Hina has grown into being a young woman and shes’s about to become a high schooler. Nitta has dyed his hair black, wears glasses, and even talks about wanting to drive a Prius.

Nitta simply wants to appear like a normal businessman instead of earning an early reputation as a yakuza thug. He even distances himself from the other yakuza by turning down a house-warming party.

The others soon catch onto his game and Nitta acts suspiciously by taking out a large sum of money… to buy yet another vase. Needless to say, this all leads to a glorious misunderstanding and Nitta becomes blonde once again.

Hina gains a quick reputation in the high school as a yakuza’s daughter and also as a delinquent because she skips school because the lunches are bad. So Nitta lures her into school by preparing delicious bento boxes… and starts a “single daddy’s bento box diary” blog.

Hina also ends up getting a part-time job because she desires a high-end gaming PC and Nitta tells her to work and get it herself (Hina is surprised to find out Hitomi, Mao, Anzu, and Mami all have jobs). What starts as a simple coffee house job somehow transforms into a “eat with Hina-chan” experience for older men and Nitta isn’t exactly enthusiastic when he finds out.

Meanwhile, Hitomi has quit working at the bar and started her own company where she’s the boss yet no one realizes she’s a high school girl. She finds herself in an awkward position when her father loses his job only to apply for a manager position in her own company.

What’s more, her mother acts more like a little kid than a mom, playing online games all the time, so Hitomi has to help her out, as well. Juggling her secret life only gets even more complicated over time. Hitomi even ends up taking Nitta head on for a business contract in a test of wills where neither one wants their true identities revealed.

Mao moves to Japan along with Baldy and sets herself up as a “cute instructor” for a Superhuman Fitness dojo based on a made-up kung fu. She reunited with Hina, but the other ESP girl barely recognized or remember her.

Mao is also still looking for Kei Ikaruga of the ESPer organization, who is nowhere to be found. Mao does eventually find Kei but is shocked when she finds out Kei married the manager at her work and now has four babies (with one in the oven)!

Anzu has been working as a chef after being adopted. Unfortunately, her parents decide to sell the restaurant and move away so Anzu can go to school. Anzu doesn’t like the idea and wants to keep cooking her old man’s recipes but she’s hiding her true feeling from her parents. In the end, she ends up setting up a ramen cart to further her dreams.

The story starts getting more interesting when Hina has a prospective boyfriend named Hitoshi Maeda. Unfortunately for the young man, the yakuza grandpa isn’t very happy that some young punk boy is getting close to Hina. Turns out Hitoshi is the son of Naitou, one of the yakuza, and things just get crazy from there.

Besides romance, there will also be some yakuza action and ESP fights. Another faction attempts to attack an unwitting Nitta many times but he doesn’t notice because the girls are there to protect him from “bad luck.” Hina also uses manipulates his body like a puppet, allowing him to win a karate fight and do amazing physical acts in gunfights.

But the action really starts heating up a yakuza faction leader named Tsuda begins moving into Tokyo in Chapter 65. What makes this conflict interesting is his secret weapon: a young boy with psychic powers to rival Hina! Audiences will also learn where Mao, Anzu, and Hina come from and why a war from the future threatens their own present.

Unfortunately, anime audiences will have to wait until Hinamatsuri Season 2 releases to watch the action and the comedy. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait too long. Stay tuned!

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