Human Lost movie exclusive video: Ningen Shikaku anime features FLCL Alternative and Psycho-Pass director Katsuyuki Motohiro

The Human Lost movie (Ningen Shikaku in Japanese) is celebrating the 110th birthday of writer Osamu Dazai, the author of No Longer Human. The writer is kind of like the H.G. Wells of Japan since his early 20th century works The Setting Sun and No Longer Human were written in the same time frame and they are considered modern-day science fiction classics in Japan.

The exclusive video clip seen above allows you to experience a hyper-kinetic deep dive into human consciousness based on Osamu Dazai’s masterpiece of Japanese literature. This action-packed clip shows what the Lost Form monsters look like, along with some of the science fiction anime action in the film.

The Human Lost anime film was created by executive director Katsuyuki Motohiro, the chief director of PSYCHO-PASS and director of Afro Samurai. The project was animated by Polygon Pictures, the studio that brought you Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters.

Fuminori Kizaki (Afro Samurai) directed the film and Tow Ubukata (Fafner, Psycho-Pass 2) was the scriptwriter. Yūsuke Kozaki (BBK/BRNK, Intrigue in the Bakumatsu – Irohanihoheto) was the character designer, while Kenichiro Tomiyasu (Resident Evil: Damnation) illustrated the concept art.

A scene from the Human Lost movie
The Human Lost movie is based on classical Japanese literature but its story feels fresh. Pic credit: Polygon Pictures

Here is the plot summary provided by FUNimation:

The year is 2036. A revolution in medical treatment has conquered death by means of internal nanomachines and the ‘S.H.E.L.L.’ system, yet only the richest can afford to partake.

Yozo Oba isn’t the richest. Troubled by strange dreams, he flippantly joins his friend’s biker gang on an ill-fated incursion to ‘The Inside,’ where society’s elite lives. This instigates a journey of terrifying discovery that will change Yozo’s life forever.

Mamoru Miyano is voicing the main character of Yozo Oba. A mysterious girl named Yoshiko Hiiragi is voiced by Kana Hanazawa.

Artist Taku Takahashi, DJ/producer for the Japanese hip hop group M-Flo, is producing the ending theme song for the film. The track is a collaboration with J Balvin, an internationally known reggaeton singer.

The Human Lost movie is being released in select theaters in the United States and Canada with English subtitles on October 22 and English dub on October 23. To find tickets and theaters, FUNimation is providing a Human Lost theater locator on its website.

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