Hunter x Hunter return in 2022: Will Hunter x Hunter 391 take manga fans to the Dark Continent?

Hunter x Hunter
It took Gon almost 150 episodes, but he reached the World Tree, and the fandom has never been the same. Pic credit: Viz Media

After three years and five months, Hunter x Hunter fans are rewarded for their patience with a tweet by Hunter x Hunter creator Yoshihiro Togashi on May 24, 2022. The tweet says that, for now, Togashi is working on four more chapters as part of his plans for the Hunter x Hunter return in 2022.

One Punch Man creator Yusuke Murata has confirmed that this is Togashi’s account, and fans have been celebrating since! This article will go over the final chapters of the manga and predictions for the future.

If you’ve only seen the 2011 anime, then you’re going to want to read manga chapters 339 to 390. However, if you like purchasing physical books, volume 36 has been available since August 6, 2019.

But chapters 381 to 390 haven’t been published in a manga yet.

Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter’s manga extras have confirmed that Nanika is one of the five threats from the Dark Continent. But how did this happen, and why Alluka? Pic credit: Viz Media

Dark Continent Arc

We learned about the Dark Continent’s existence in chapter 338 and episode 148. But, the manga extras have taken one step further, considering Killua’s little sister.

Or rather, the being that’s sharing her body is known as Nanika. This hasn’t been shown up in the main storyline, but it fits what we know about them.

Nanika may be a creature from the Dark Continent known as an Ai, a gaseous life form, and has a danger rating of A. Those who obsess over the Chimera Ant arc will recall that event having a danger level of B.

And the Chimera Ant Queen may have come from the Dark Continent or one of the uninhabited islands near it, which should give us plenty to think about as we continue. The Dark Continent starts right where the anime left off.

Gon finally talks with his father and learns that Ging wants to explore the world. Gon then tells him about his adventures and the focus shifts to other characters.

It turns out that the world in Hunter x Hunter is enormous, and the Dark Continent is beyond anything that humans can handle. This fact is further proved by the 0.04% survival rate of those who make it back alive.

And the Five Threats of the Dark Continent that the survivors were forced to bring back to the Known World. Unless you live in the Kakin Empire and believe the Threats are propaganda.

King Nasubi Hui Guo Rou declares that he’s financing an expedition to the Dark Continent with the help of Beyond Netero. The son of the previous chairman of the Hunter Association and one of the few who came back from the Dark Continent.

The V5 opposed this since it broke Invoilabilty Treaty, and President Netero had left a will stating that Beyond must not be the first to explore the Dark Continent.

The Succession Contest Arc

Succession begins during the Dark Continent Arc, and they could end simultaneously. Beyond surrenders to the Hunter Association, and the V5 invite Kakin to join, and they become the V6.

The governments promise to divide the spoils equally and make any colonizations neutral. However, King Nasubi intends to use the voyage as a survival game between 14 of his legitimate children to choose his successor.

This battle is being held on a ship known as the Black Whale, and no one is allowed to drop out. Kurapika recruits Biscuit, Basho, Izunavi, Hanzo, and Melody to help him pose as bodyguards for some of the Princes during the trip.

Prince is used for both genders in the Kakin Empire, and the one that Kurapika agrees to serve Wobble. Who is the youngest Prince and still a baby?

The manga left off with the journey on its 10th day, and three Princes are dead. Several mafia families are trying to kill each other, and The Phantom Troupe is on the ship.

And since Kurapika is there, things will only get more complicated! Because the main reason that Kurapika is on the ship is so he can reclaim the last collection of eyes plucked from his clan.

Who the Phantom Troupe killed and sold the eyes because the Kurta clan’s eyes turned red. And Kurapika killed two of their members, so The Phantom Troupe wants to kill him.

This is the most complicated arc I’ve ever seen in manga/anime. I don’t know how this can be animated, but it will be worth it.

I haven’t touched on everything, but I will leave you with this: Hisoka fought Chrollo, who became a Floor Master in Heaven’s Arena.

Chrollo killed him, but somehow Hisoka brought himself back to life, killed two members of the Phantom Troupe, and snuck aboard the Black Whale. Hisoka hasn’t been seen on the ship, but the Phantom Troupe knows he’s there.

I’m very excited to see what happens in the new chapters! If the Phantom Troupe doesn’t cross paths with Hisoka or Kaprapika on the ship.

They will… on the Dark Continent!

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