ID:INVADED Season 2 release date: 2021 ID:INDEED announcement teased

ID:INVADED cover art
The ID:INVADED anime is an original story and the manga series extends the plot with a new sequel story about detective Sakaido. Pic credit: Studio NAZ

The ID:INVADED Season 2 anime could have many stories left to tell about the Mizuhanome System and the detectives of the Kura organization using the id well technology.

A direct sequel story was released as an ID:INVADED manga series, which will come out in English starting in 2021, but when will ID:INVADED Season 2 come out?

It’s very likely that we’ll find out soon in 2021. The official accounts released an ID:INDEED teaser trailer claiming that more information about the anime TV series will be released in the future.

On April 2, 2021, the same account released a photo of (presumably) the anime production staff along with an emoji of sand timer countdown reaching 0:00 and the words, “To be next… Wait for further news!!!”

Similar to the Psycho-Pass anime series in potential scope, the first season has already gone full Inception with an id well within an id well, so where could the second season of ID:INVADED take audiences next?

Warning: The following contains major spoilers from ID:INVADED’s ending.

Fortunately, ID:INVADED Episode 13 left enough plot threads hanging in order to set up the next major story arc in ID:INVADED Season 2. The mystery of John Walker’s identity has been resolved, but the villain has only been trapped, not killed off completely, so the second season could focus on a new conflict with John Walker still lurking in the shadows.

Similar to how Psycho-Pass shifted its focus to a new set of characters after the truth of the Sibyl System was revealed, ID:INVADED S2 could provide a new challenge for the “brilliant detective” duo Sakaido (Akihito Narihisago) and Miyo Hijiriido (Koharu Hondomachi).

The real question is who will be able to end the suffering of poor Kiki Asukai? Assuming Sakaido doesn’t figure it out eventually, it’s also possible the id well dive team will be expanded.

Hondomachi (excuse me, Ms. Hijiriido) has already been set up as the heir apparent. And multiple characters, including the serial killer Perforator, have already been used as substitutes for Sakaido. There is also the new rookie guy.

ID INVADED Anime Shark Jump John Walker Hondomachi
The ID:INVADED anime literally jumped the shark during the final confrontation with John Walker. Pic credit: Studio NAZ

There is also the question of whether or not the Kura organization will expand into other countries and use the Mizuhanome System to catch serial killers outside of Japan. After all, Kiki has already mentioned that her psychic abilities have grown to encompass the dreams of other countries.

Right now, Kiki’s powers are being used for good until she can be freed one day. But can her augmented powers be weaponized for other purposes?

Now that the truth is known, it seems doubtful that the Kura authorities currently in power would not desire to use Kiki as a weapon. The main characters may not, but it’s already been mentioned in passing that they don’t want the Mizuhanome System used by the military, which might not harbor such moral restraint.

Since the Mizuhanome System remained functioning at the ending, it’s possible Japanese publisher Kadokawa intends on setting up the ID:INVADED anime series as a competitor to the long-running Psycho-Pass, which was created by Production I.G.

Both series are original stories not based on a light novel or manga. In addition, both have received a manga adaptation, but the ID:INVADED manga is a sequel rather than an adaptation (see below for more details on the ID:INVADED manga).

The ID:INVADED story for the anime was a collaboration between novelist Otaro Maijo and anime director Ei Aoki. The author has won multiple literary awards for his hard-boiled detective works, which includes a short story called Drill Hole in the Brain (the inspiration for the Perforator?).

The director is best known for directing Fate/Zero, Aldnoah.Zero, Re:Creators, and The Garden of Sinners.

The ID:INVADED anime was produced by animation studio NAZ, which also released the Infinite Dendrogram anime in 2020. Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works character designer Atsushi Ikariya created the character designs based on the original work of Blood Lad manga creator Yuuki Kodama.

ID INVADED Anime Key Visual
The key visual for the ID:INVADED anime series. Pic credit: Studio NAZ

The ID:INVADED Season 2 opening (OP) music theme song and ending (ED) have not yet been announced. The first season’s opening was “Mister Fixer,” as performed by Sou, and the ending was “Other Side,” as performed by Miyavi.

The ID:INVADED anime is available for streaming on Hulu and AnimeLab. FUNimation is producing the ID:INVADED English dub. The finale, ID:INVADED Episode 13, was released on March 22, 2020.

  • Updated April 2, 2021: Added April 2021 teaser.
  • Updated January 2, 2021: Added 2021 ID:INDEED trailer teaser.
  • Updated October 2, 2020: ID: INVADED #Brake Broken manga’s final chapter confirmed.
  • Updated September 3, 2020: Yen Press licenses ID: INVADED #Brake Broken manga.

This article provides everything that is known about ID:INVADED Season 2 and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s delve down into what is known for certain.

ID:INVADED manga series #Brake Broken is a sequel to the anime

Even before the anime began airing in winter 2020, the ID:INVADED manga series had already started serializing in Kadokawa Shoten’s Young Ace magazine beginning October 4, 2019. But the exact context of the story was not revealed until after the first season had finished broadcasting.

Over on Twitter, the official account for the ID:INVADED series noted that Volume 1 was on sale, but also revealed that the manga is “the sequel to the anime” series.

It makes sense this detail wasn’t divulged until after the anime ended since that information would have revealed that Sakaido was alive and still working as a detective within the Kura’s Mizuhanome System. The manga also features the new rookie character that didn’t appear in the anime until Episode 13.

Anime scriptwriter Otaro Maijo was working with manga illustrator Yuuki Kodama (best known as the Blood Lad creator) to create the manga adaptation, which is titled ID:INVADED #Brake Broken.

In September 2020, an official English translation was announced by North American publisher Yen Press. The first English volume will release in English in February 2021. In addition, one unofficial fan-made scanlation project has started in English.

In October 2020, Young Ace magazine announced that the manga sequel would end with Chapter 14. The final chapter will release on November 4, 2020.

ID INVADED Manga Brake Broken Manga Volume 1 Chapter 1
The ID:INVADED #Brake Broken manga is an original story. Pic credit: Yuuki Kodama

It’s definitely worth picking up the ID:INVADED manga since it’s a sequel. As of Chapter 1, the story of the ID:INVADED: Brake Broken manga series is based in an id well unlike those shown in the anime.

Similar to Episode 1, Sakaido awakens not knowing who he is, but this time, he’s driving a car on a highway intersection. The scene is like a destruction derby with large dump trucks plowing through cars and killing the drivers.

Sakaido quickly realizes that no one is capable of stopping, including himself, because none of the vehicles’ brakes are working!

Despite not knowing his own identity, Sakaido recognizes that he’s prone to act on impulse. The brilliant detective finds himself in imminent danger when trying to save the other drivers by pulling them up onto the back of the speeding dump trucks.

Sakaido leaves his own vehicle on autopilot on the highway. Due to all the crashes, the trunk pops open, revealing an apparently dead woman.

The other drivers’ question Sakaido’s motives, but anime audiences will know by now that the body belongs to Kaeru, the dead body of Kiki that’s generated by the Mizuhanome System to prompt brilliant detectives into action.

ID INVADED Kiki Asukai Kaeru Anime Character
Art released by Studio NAZ’s animators after the big anime finale aired teases how ID INVADED character Kiki Asukai (Kaeru) is still waiting to be rescued someday. Pic credit: Studio NAZ

ID:INVADED 2 release date prediction: 2021 possible?

As of the last update, Kadokawa, Studio NAZ, or any company related to the production of the anime has not officially confirmed the ID:INVADED Season 2 release date. Nor has the production of an ID:INVADED sequel been announced.

Once the news is officially confirmed, this article will be updated with the relevant information.

In the meantime, it’s possible to speculate about when, or if, the ID:INVADED 2 premiere date will occur in the future.

Like any original anime series, the chances of the sequel depending on popularity. Reviews have been positive on FUNimation Now, but the streaming platform doesn’t indicate popularity like Crunchyroll does.

But popularity doesn’t necessarily mean a sequel is inevitable. Director Ei Aoki also co-wrote Re:Creators, which was considered a minor hit in 2017, and Re:Creators Season 2 still hasn’t been greenlit for production.

But the new ID:INVADED trailer could be teasing the announcement of a second season… or maybe an IN:INVADED movie?

Hopefully, we’ll soon receive a confirmation for the ID:INVADED Season 2 anime. Stay tuned!

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