Is Black Frieza vs. Jiren next in the Dragon Ball Super manga?

Black Frieza colored
Is Black Frieza vs. Jiren next, now that both DBS characters have undergone training? Pic credit: @ade.bw_

With Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 almost here, I decided to try making predictions about the new arc. We know that the new chapters will involve a prequel story to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and the movie will also be adapted into the manga.

But what about after that? Frieza’s new transformation as Black Frieza makes Goku and Vegeta look like they’re in their base forms.

And there’s a strong possibility that Super Broly will be added to the manga as a flashback. Ressurection F might have given us some clues as well.

Because if Frieza can travel to different universes, why wouldn’t he try time travel?

Dragon Ball Super Broly, Broly the main character
Dragon Ball Super Broly, Broly, the main character, during his rage in the movie. Pic credit: Toei Animation

Are the movies the key?

Ressurection F is a Dragon Ball Z movie and part of the Super arc. So I believe it’s fair to use some of its facts to make predictions.

We know that Frieza isn’t satisfied with that single hit he scored on Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87. That’d be too easy, and our heroes can train with Whis and Beerus or head to the Room of Spirit and Time.

But why didn’t he take the chance to kill them? Whis might have intervened, but Frieza treated Goku and Vegeta as an afterthought.

He even boasts that he spent ten years in a Room of Spirit and Time to get stronger. Which proves he learned from his mistake in Ressurection F.

But we mustn’t forget that Goku and Vegeta aren’t the only Saiyans Frieza has his eye on. At the end of the Super Broly movie, Frieza reveals that he knows where Broly is and wants to work with him again once Broly can master his emotions.

And there’s the matter of Future Trunks. Frieza hasn’t forgotten about Trunks, but we haven’t seen him make a direct connection between Future Trunks and his modern counterpart.

This could prove to be a moot point as Trunks and Goten have finally reached their teenage forms in the Super Hero prequel if Freiza sees Trunks, even if he believes that Trunks isn’t the same one that killed him. He already knows that Trunks is Vegeta’s son.

And Frieza wouldn’t hesitate to use Trunks against Vegeta and Goku.

What’s the point of wishing to be the strongest in the universe?

I wasn’t impressed with the Granolah, the Survivor Arc. Dragon Ball is full of revenge stories; this one doesn’t stand out.

Granolah is an interesting character, and I liked reading about the Heeters and how it all came together. But the final half felt more like it was Gas’s story and seeing Frieza kill Gas didn’t make it better.

Especially when Vegeta, and anyone who’s read or watched Dragon Ball Z, would have seen Frieza returning stronger coming. It’s nice to see that Vegeta is getting more character development, and it’ll be interesting to see how he does as a father to a teenager.

But everything else in the Granolah Arc was familiar to the point of being boring. So I understand how the wish to be the strongest in the universe works.

But being strong has nothing to do with using Instant Transmission. And unless Dragon Ball takes a different direction, we can already guess how the Strongest in the Universe will be solved.

And then we have the fact that Beerus hasn’t shown his full strength yet. So can Black Frieza defeat the God of Destruction?

I doubt it, but if he does, I bet we’ll have Goku, Vegeta, or possibly Broly stepping into the Destroyer’s role. But hopefully not before we see what Beerus can do.

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