Izuku Midoriya Deku figure The Amazing Heroes Plus Vol. 1 is available for pre-order

My Hero Academia
This Izuku is ready to save the day! Pic credit: BANPRESTO

BANPRESTO has outdone itself with multiple My Hero Academia figures to pre-order their The Amazing Heroes Plus line. Izuku Midoriya is Vol. 1 and is $26.99!

He stands around at 3.9 inches and is made out of PVC. The pre-order ends on July 24, 2022, and the figure is estimated to ship in February 2023.

My Hero Academia
Twice looks ready to fight or not? Just don’t attack his friends, and he won’t bother you. Pic credit: BANPRESTO

What are the other My Hero Academia figures available for pre-order?

Twice is one of my favorite villains, and just like Izuku, he’s $26.99. He’s about 6 inches and made out of PVC, but his pre-order ends on June 29, 2022.

So if you want him at this great price, act now, and this figure will ship sometime in February 2023.

  • Mirko The Amazing Heroes Vol. 22 pre-order ends 7/24
  • Shota Aizawa The Amazing Heroes Vol. 20 pre-order ends 6/29
  • Denki Kaminari The Amazing Heroes Vol. 21 pre-order ends 6/29
  • Dabi the Evil Villains (Ver. B) Vol. 5 pre-order ends 6/29

All these figures are $26.99, and if you buy them through Crunchyroll, you’ll get free shipping for orders at $50 or higher. So why not take advantage of the pre-order price and a couple of figures?

BANPRESTO is one of the biggest names in making figures, and all of their work is high quality for reasonable prices. So if you want to get into figurine collecting, give their brand a try.

Especially if you buy through Crunchyroll, the wait time is decent, and they are very communicative. For example, I purchased a BANPRESTO figure from them, and I received updates on my order every couple of days!

There are plenty of other brands and websites to choose from, so do your research before buying.

What’s the difference between pre-order price and market price?

Stores and websites can handle this differently, but usually, a pre-order will be slightly cheaper. For example, the figures in this article are currently priced at $26.99.

If you miss the pre-order, the price may go to $36.99 or higher. You might be able to find a better deal on eBay, but check the shipping cost and the country it’s coming from, as knock-off figures are common on bidding sites.

Have you collected any figures? Leave a comment and brag about your collection down below!

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