KanColle S2 drops key visual, episode count info

A new season and a new squad to adore are previewed in this brand-new key visual. Pic credit: ENGI

KanColle: Someday in that Sea (KanColle: Itsuka Ano Umi de), also known as KanColle Season 2, has confirmed that it will have eight episodes. Considering that fans have been waiting for this since 2019, it’s disappointing, since S1 had 12 episodes.

Plus, there’s the KanColle: The Movie that shocked and delighted fans. ENGI is animating the new season, and Ultra Super Pictures handles the production.

Promotional imagery for KanColle season 2.
Fans have started to lose hope but at last! The second season of KanColle is scheduled for the Fall 2022 season. Pic credit: C2 Staff

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We have a lovely new key visual to enjoy (pictured on top), but details on the characters, plot, and voice actors are still under wraps. According to the official website for the KanColle: Someday in that Sea, the plot starts around 1944.

All aboard: Someday in that Sea is almost here!

KanColle is a mix between Hetalia and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. There are personifications of ships.

It is a horrifying cycle with no end in sight for these girls, but they mix things up with humor. If you haven’t seen the first season or the movie, please watch it.

There will be some spoilers. KanColle, or Kantai Collection, is a fantastic anime based on a game only available in Japan (unless you have a VPN and an extension to translate Japanese and trick the site into thinking you have a Japanese IP address).

Let us hope that the game will remove the region block once the new season comes out.

Speaking of games, the gaming aspect is done well in KanColle. The Admiral is never seen on screen, as that role is the player.

An instant-repair bucket can decrease repair time, and the repairs are usually fixed by bathing, but the girls still feel pain and need to eat.

The parallels of anime and history

Unlike other anime and games, KanColle has nods to WW2, but mostly in character designs and battles. When season 1 first came out, there was talk that it was an alternate history of Japan’s fighting against the USA.

But then the movie came, and it took another twist! The Abyssal Fleet came out of the ocean and drove humanity back.

Still, a group of girls with the spirits of WW2 ships can fight them. Both sides are female. If you’ve watched Madoka Magica, you know what’s coming.

I have a lot of hope for Someday in that Sea, and I can’t wait to learn more about these ship girls!

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