Karada Sagashi I is the latest in the Body Searching manga series, and it’ll be here in time for Halloween 2022!

Karada Sagashi I
What would you do if a friend asked you to find their body? Pic credit: Welzard, Harumi Doki, and Murase

A good horror manga doesn’t have to come out around Halloween, but it doesn’t hurt! Especially if it’s the third in an interesting series!

If you love Corpse Party or creepy girls killing teenagers for unknown reasons, look forward to Karada Sagashi I on September 24, 2022! While you’re waiting, check out the first two in the series or the original web novel!

Karada Sagashi
Don’t be scared. She just wants to make her clothes red. With your blood! Pic credit: Studio Khronos

And you think your school is terrible

Corpse Party fans will love the general plot of the Karada Sagashi series, also known as Body Searching. Asuka is asked by her friend Haruka to find her body, but Haruka also approaches five other students in the class with the same request.

Everyone brushes it off as a prank because of a local ghost story about their school. A “Red Girl” appears to students who are alone.

She kills them, divides the body into eight parts, and hides them around the school. The dead student approaches their friends the next day and asks them to find the body.

And you can’t refuse! But it’s not all bad. As Asuka and her friends discover, this story has a few benefits.

They’re caught in a time loop that will continue to repeat the same day until they find the body. The “Body Searching” starts at midnight and ends when all pieces are located or the students are dead.

Because the Red Girl will appear during the search, and if she catches them, they’ll die. But the Red Girl also follows the rules, and someone sends them texts explaining them.

There’s even a friendly announcer telling them where the Red Girl is and warning them to be careful. So why did Haruka die, and will Asuka and her friends uncover the truth?

More about Karada Sagashi!

The web novel is available on the Everystar site and is a collection of anime shorts! However, whether the new manga will follow the same formula as the previous two is unknown.

Still, given that the original manga artist, Katsutoshi Murase, is returning to do the art for Karada Sagashi I, fans are sure to get plenty of gore and chills. The Karada Sagashi manga ran from September 2014 to December 2017 on Shonen Jump + and had over 100 million views.

It has 17 volumes, and the sequel manga, Karada Sagashi Kai, has five. A live-action adaptation film will premiere on October 14, 2022, and going by trailer looks very promising.

And echoes the suspense that the anime shorts have perfectly, and it was aired on Production I. G.’s Anime Beans app in 2017 but is currently unavailable. Hopefully, the manga will get an English translation, and the anime shorts will make a return with this new edition.

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