Kingdom Season 4 Episode 14 trailer reveals the Ai Country Rebellion Arc

The Ai Country Rebellion Arc is about to begin! Pic credit: Studio Signpost

Kingdom Season 4 is halfway through, and we have a new trailer for the upcoming Ai Country Rebellion Arc!

Kingdom Episode 117, or Kingdom Season 4 Episode 14, will air on July 10, 2022, and “A New Nation” will rise.

This article will contain light spoilers for the Ai Country Rebellion arc.

Kingdom 4 Anime
The Kingdom Season 4 anime key visual that was released on February 17, 2022. Pic credit: Studio Pierrot

What is the Ai Country Rebellion arc?

Two months have passed since the Chiyoyou Campaign, and it is the 15th arc in the series. The Queen Mother and Rou Ai have two children, and The Queen Mother turns Taiyuan into a new country Ai.

In the manga, the Ai Country Rebellion arc ran from chapters 402-437. With 13 episodes remaining, the arc might continue into Season 5, should one be made.

Ai was located in the most northern part of Qin. The second OP is geki by zonji and the second ending theme is Believe by Misaki.

Is this the best way to learn about the past?

When I hear the Warring States, I think about Japan’s Feudal Era. I didn’t realize that China had a similar situation with the same name.

Which is why I love historical series, Kingdom has been criticized for its’s constant battles, but I applaud it. Plenty of anime and manga show that not every battle needs to become a war, given the scope of China’s history and Kingdom’s respect for it.

You get a feel for what these power plays genuinely meant. Of course, not every character exists in real life, but their struggles are no less potent.

I looked up the Queen Mother to see what was going on with her arc, and I can’t wait to see everything unfold. Whether you prefer to watch anime or read manga, Kingdom will surprise you.

You’ll want to look up some of these characters and battles to see how faithful Kingdom is. It’s not just about who will rule China and who will be lucky to keep their heads.

Kingdom is about the lengths people will go to achieve their goals. The manga is at 65 volumes, and the anime has 116 episodes.

Both are going strong because there’s so much to tell about this time period. The Warring States period ended in 221 BC when a certain King of Qin unified China.

The manga currently has 23 arcs, and the average length is around 50 chapters. This means the anime is about halfway there.

More seasons, please!

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