Kodansha’s manga and light novel line-up for August 2022 & Spring 2023 is here!

Kodansha is bringing some fantastic stories for its August and Spring line-up! Pic credit: Kodansha

At Comiccon International 2022, Kodansha revealed its August 2022 and Spring 2023 line-up! So if you’re looking for your next favorite series, keep reading!

Kodansha has been bringing us manga and light novels for over 100 years, and their offerings keep improving. So regardless of what you’re in the mood for, Kodansha has something to please you.

Break of Dawn mangaka Imai illustration
Not only is Kodansha bringing Break of Dawn in a new omnibus edition, but Break of Dawn has an anime film coming out in October 2022! Pic credit: Tetsuya Imai

August 2023 print releases

None of the current print releases have a final cover or a release date, but keep checking Kodansha’s website for the latest updates.

Shamen King: Flowers

Shueisha originally licensed this series, but Kodansha USA published Shamen King: Flowers on its digital platform. Shamen King creator Hiroyuki Takei created this sequel/spin-off manga starring Hana Asakura.

The son of Anna and Yoh from the Shamen King series, and Amidamaru is also back! How will Hana fare when his worst enemy is his own family?!

Break of Dawn

Break of Dawn was initially serialized in Monthly Afternoon and released in Japan in two manga volumes. But not only are we getting this series, but Kodansha is releasing it in a single omnibus!

Set in the year 2038, Yuma eagerly awaits the Arville Comet’s return until he sneaks onto the roof of an apartment building and finds something even better. The Break of Dawn animated film will premiere in Japan in October 2022.

Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for My Retirement

Although Kodansha plans to release the light novels, this announcement is for the manga. We don’t know when the light novels are coming, but the story will be worth it!

Fair warning, this is not your typical isekai. Mitsuha has a healthy love for money and wants to live well.

But everything changes when she’s pushed off of a cliff. Sadly, Mitsuha’s problems are just getting started as she narrowly escapes from a wolf pack.

Unlike most isekai protagonists, Mitsuha can travel between the two worlds, and she doesn’t hesitate to grab some modern weapons before heading back to the fantasy world.

Digital releases

Both mangas are rated 16+, and you can read the first chapters on the Kodansha website for free.

Our Love Doesn’t Need a Happy Ending

Fuyumi Yajima created this manga in 2016, and it is their first work. Daiki Tomita stayed in touch with his university’s film club a whole year after he graduated.

Why? Because he’s in love with Koharu Kobayakawa, and he’s too afraid to tell her how he feels. But when she tells him she’s sick and might not live to see next year, Tomita knows he can’t let things stay the same.

But will their love hurt them in the end? Look for this manga on August 2, 2022.

She, Her Camera, and Her Seasons

Tsukiko shows us a tale of high school angst and a young girl’s journey to be true to herself instead of what everyone thinks she should be. In her third year of high school, Akari tells us about the little rules of being a girl in her school.

Not the school enforces, but the ones that dictate how she should act, dress, and be interested in. But there’s one different girl.

Yuki keeps to herself and leaves class for lunch. However, when Akari decides to follow Yuki on a whim, she sees a different side of her.

One that loves cameras and photography, and Akari quickly finds herself attracted to Yuki. But Yuki seems to like Rintaro, a boy in their class.

Who seems to like Akari and the misunderstandings keep going. Find out how this love triangle ends on August 16, 2022.

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