Kyoto Animation Studio releases statement on KyoAni fire – President Ideaki Hatta desires to build park monument as tribute to the dead victims of the arson attack

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The Kyoto Animation Studio President desires to honor the fallen with a public monument park. Pic credit: Kyoto Animation Studio

The Kyoto Animation Studio fire has devastated the Japanese animation studio. So far, 34 people have died in the KyoAni arson attack, with 34 people taken to the hospital due to their injuries.

Anime fans have been eagerly awaiting official confirmation about who survived the fiery attack. Famous animators such as Yoshiji Kigami and Yasuhiro Takemoto are allegedly missing, but directors Naoko Yamada, Tatsuya Ishihara, and Taichi Ishidate are reportedly safe.

On Sunday, a lawyer for the Kyoto Animation Studio, Daisuke Okeda, released an official statement concerning the KyoAni fire. A translation into English was provided by a Reddit user named _Tokyo_.

As a result of the appalling incident that occurred at 10:30 am on the 18th of July 2019, first year of the Reiwa era, many of our staff, including many promising youngsters have been injured, and some have even lost their lives.

With their passion for creating animation, our young staff, who gathered from all around the country [Japan ], along with veteran staff who have worked with us over many years – for their futures to be cut off in such a way is heartbreaking and truly regrettable, and it’s impossible to find the right words to express this. They were truly incredible, talented, much-loved colleagues and friends. This is a devastating blow to both us [Kyoto Animation], and to the [Animation] industry.

The details of this incident, are exactly as the Fushimi Ward Police have reported [during a press conference held on the 19th]. We have nothing else to add at this time.

At present, we are working tirelessly, with the injured and their families, as well as with the families of those who lost their lives, doing everything within our power to help them through these hard times.

Furthermore, we humbly ask that the media direct any queries or requests for information to our legal partners described below. For the time being, we humbly request that the media refrain from contacting us directly.

Kyoto Animation Studio has multiple office buildings and it was Studio 1 that was attacked. Over the weekend, Kyoto Animation Studio President Ideaki Hatta spoke to Asahi Shimbun about the charred remains of the studio, saying that he believed the people of the area would not want to see it. Hatta desires to quickly dispose of the wreckage and remove the building completely.

However, Hatta does not desire to wipe away all memory of the KyoAni fire from that spot. Instead, Hatta wants to turn the site of the tragedy into a public park and erect a monument honoring the memories of the deceased.

“People from many different countries have visited [the site of the burnt studio],” Hatta said, expressing his gratitude to the worldwide anime community. “Their kind messages have been a source of emotional support for us.”

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