LINK CLICK Season 2 release date in 2023 confirmed by Shiguang Dailiren Season 2 trailer, key visual

LINK CLICK’s two main characters Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang. Pic credit: studio LAN

LINK CLICK Season 2 will debut in 2023, with the exact premiere date yet to be announced.

Bilibili unveiled the news on October 29, 2022, alongside a brand-new key visual (second one, so far) and a trailer PV for the donghua (Chinese animation) series during the Made by Bilibili 2022-2023 panel.

You can see the trailer PV below:

LINK CLICK Season 1 ran from April to July 2021 on Bilibili for Chinese audiences and on Funimation in English-speaking countries. Crunchyroll provided a LINK CLICK (Shiguang Dailiren) English dub that premiered on August 8, 2022.

A Japanese dub premiered in January 2022. LINK CLICK is one of the rare donghua series to have received a Japanese dub. Recently, only Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (Mo Dao Zu Shi) received that honor.

LINK CLICK S 1 runs for 11 episodes; the series also has an OVA and a couple of chibi special episodes. Shiguang Dailiren Season 2 was announced at the ending of episode 11.

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LINK CLICK Season 2: What we know so far

Shiguang Dailiren Season 2 is being produced by Bilibili and BeDream, just like Season 1.

Here is the key visual mentioned above:

Second key visual for the upcoming LINK CLICK Season 2. Pic credit: studio LAN

The returning LINK CLICK S 2 staff members include, as follows:

  • Studio LAN — producer, unit director, chief animation director
  • Li Haoling (Psychic Princess) — director, scriptwriter
  • INPLICK — original character designer
  • LAN, Huang Simeng, Xiong Dan — character designers

For LINK CLICK Season 1, studio LAN was joined by Haoliners Animation League in producing the series, while Zhang Yuxia and Zhu Linzheng were in charge of storyboarding.

If you haven’t seen this brilliant series yet, take a look at the Shiguang Dailiren Season 1 trailer:

It is likely that the voice actors for the two MCs will be reprising their roles but this info has yet to surface.

In Shiguang Dailiren Season 1, the following VAs were involved:

Cheng Xiaoshi:

  • Su Shangqing — Chinese VA
  • Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Tokyo Ghoul’s Hideyoshi Nagachika) — Japanese VA
  • Lim Chaebin — Korean VA
  • Alejandro Saab — English VA
  • Donald Reignoux — French VA
  • Phakhin Tlabphet — Thai VA

Lu Guang:

  • Yang Tianxiang — Chinese VA
  • Takahiro Sakurai (Record of Ragnarok’s Poseidon) — Japanese VA
  • Kim Hyeonuk — Korean VA
  • Zeno Robinson — English VA
  • Romain Altché — French VA
  • Khun Teil — Thai VA

The first Shiguang Dailiren Season 2 key visual was revealed on November 18, 2021, and you can see it immediately below.

First key visual for the upcoming LINK CLICK Season 2. Pic credit: studio LAN

The plot follows Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang, who run a store called “Time Photo Studio”.  LINK CLICK being a supernatural title, both main characters have special powers, which they use profusely to fulfill clients’ requests. Namely, they enter the photographs to travel back in time to the moment the photos were taken. Thereby, the two assume the identity of the photographer, becoming privy to their emotions and memories.

Hopefully, additional information will emerge soon, as LINK CLICK (時光代理人, Shiguang Dailiren) is one of the masterpieces of Chinese animation.

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