Lonely Castle in the Mirror anime cast introduced ahead of Kagami no Kojou release date in December 2022

A sneak peek of the upcoming Lonely Castle in the Mirror anime film. Pic credit: @poplar.co.jp/pr/kagami/

The Kagami no Kojou release date is confirmed for December 23, 2022, the Fall 2022 anime season.

Additional cast members for the upcoming Lonely Castle in the Mirror (かがみの孤城, Kagami no Kojou) anime film have been announced.

The newly-announced seiyuu are (top row, left to right):

  • Sakura Kiryu — Aki
  • Takumi Kitamura — Rion
  • Aoi Miyazaki — Kitajima-sensei
  • Rihito Itagaki — Subaru
Additional cast members for the Lonely Castle in the Mirror anime film were revealed on September 20. Pic credit: the Kagami no Kojou official Twitter

And (bottom row, left to right):

  • Naho Yokomizo — Fūka
  • Minami Takayama — Masamune
  • Yuuki Kaji — Ureshino
  • Kumiko Aso — Kokoro’s mother

The first teaser trailer for the anime film was revealed earlier in July.

 A couple of days later, it was announced that Ami Tōma will be voicing the MC — a girl named Kokoro.

The Lonely Castle in the Mirror Staff & synopsis

A-1 Pictures (Sword Art Online II) is producing the anime, while Shochiku is the distributor.

The staff members include:

  • Keiichi Hara (The Wonderland) — director
  • Miho Maruo (Hara’s Miss Hokusai) — scriptwriter
  • Keigo Sasaki (ERASED) — character designer, chief animation director
  • Ilya Kuvshinov (The Wonderland) — brainstorming visual concept, castle design
  • Harumi Fuuki — music composer

The plot follows seven teenagers who wake up in a mysterious castle out of the blue. They soon discover that their bedroom mirrors are shining and indeed hold a secret they must unravel if they want to leave the castle.

The protagonists are presented with a set of clues leading to a hidden room capable of granting one wish.

Needless to say, things are not nearly as simple as they appear at first. The teenagers must leave the castle by 5 o’clock or be punished. However, to be able to move forward to begin with, they need to unveil their secrets.

The Lonely Castle in the Mirror novel

The Lonely Castle in the Mirror anime is based on the eponymous novel by Mizuki Tsujimura, who is an established name in the industry.

The novel was originally published in Japan by Poplar Publishing on May 11, 2017. Having proven to be an instant success, the novel won the grand prize in the 2017 King’s Brunch Book Prize and the 2018 Japan Booksellers’ Award.

In March 2021, Poplar Publishing re-released the novel in a two-volume paperback format.

The official English translation was published in April 2021 by Doubleday. Erewhon is set to publish a hardcover English edition on October 18, 2022.

In 2004, Tsujimura published the A School Frozen in Time novel series (冷たい校舎の時は止まる, Tsumetai Kousha no Toki wa Tomaru), which won the 2004 Mephisto Prize.

The novels inspired a manga adaptation illustrated by Naoshi Arakawa (Your Lie in April), which was serialized in Kodansha’s Monthly Shounen Magazine from December 2007 to April 2009, spanning four tankōbon volumes.

Vertical has licensed the manga series for an English release.

In 2014, the author published another successful novel — Anime Supremacy! (ハケンアニメ!, Haken Anime!), which was illustrated by CLAMP.  

Anime Supremacy! was published in English by Vertical in October 2017.

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