Love Live! Sunshine!! Blu-Ray box set volume art revealed

The girls of Uranohoshi dance around in the ocean.
The girls of Uranohoshi dance around in the ocean. Pic credit: LoveLive Anime

To celebrate the 6 year anniversary of Love Live: Sunshine!! and Aqours, Bandai Namco announced the We Are Challengers Project. One aspect of the project that was revealed was an official box set of the first and second seasons of Love Live: Sunshine!!, as well as the movie, to be released for sale on March 29th, 2022.

To help promote the sales of the Blu-Ray box, Bandai Namco unveiled the preorder box art for the set.

The price? A whopping 41,800 yen, which is roughly equivalent to around… $363.00. Yeesh!

To help offset that price, those that preorder the Blu-Ray box will receive a variety of goods per the shop they choose to preorder at, including massive towels, tapestries, clear files (a classic!), exclusive illustrations, ticket holders, and cast CDs featuring talks between the voice actors.

Thinking about preordering? Let’s break down what you get and where below!

What do each of the different preorder shops for the box set offer?

As is a Japanese tradition, each shop offers a different exclusive item as an incentive to preorder the box set at their retail store.

From each, you get:

  • A-On STORE: A massive microfiber towel featuring the Blu-Ray box illustration
  • Animate: An exclusive B2 tapestry featuring Guilty Kiss, an A4 Clear File, and an acrylic keychain
  • Gamers: Either a CYaRon! B2 tapestry or a CYaRon! ticket holder
  • Soramap/Animega: An AZALEA B2 tapestry as well as a ticket holder
  • Amazon: A cast discussion CD featuring the second years of Uranohoshi

Happy travels and best of luck in getting your preorder in!

What else is part of the We Are Challengers Project for Sunshine?

The We Are Challengers project is, well, a bit of a wild thing! Some things that have been currently announced are an artist collaboration between Aqours and Hatsune Miku, an AU spinoff comic featuring fantasy Yohane, a short movie called Today’s Aqours, a special MV of the song Future Flight, the sixth LoveLive! concert of Aqours, a lyric collection, a book featuring every member of Aqours and way, way more.

Aqours and Hatsune Miku.
Aqours and Hatsune Miku’s collab even has a promotional image. While the details haven’t been announced yet, it’s still an interesting thing to see. Pic credit: KEI

It’s clear that even though the television series for Sunshine!! is over, Bandai Namco has no intention of giving up on the group and still wants to support them no matter what, with brand new live concerts and events to keep the series alive.

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