Lupin Zero release date on HIDIVE is confirmed for December 2022

Lupin Zero
The world’s greatest thief had to start somewhere. Pic credit: TMS Entertainment

The Lupin Zero release date is confirmed for December 16, 2022.

October 2022 is ending with a blast as new information about original net animation Lupin Zero has been released. HIDIVE is promoting itself as the home of Lupin the Third and will be exclusively streaming Lupin Zero!

Although you can catch up on Lupin the Third with HIDIVE, the crossover project, Lupin the Third vs. Cat’s Eye, is still set to premiere on Amazon Video Prime. And those who are attending Anime NYC 2022 can still catch the screenings at the convention event.

Head to Panel 4 of the Javits Center on November 18 at 6:30 pm. A cast reveal, a preceding giveaway with exclusive prizes, and a temporary sticker tattoo featuring a young Lupin will be your reward.

You must be 18 to attend the event; details about the opening and ending songs are still coming.

Lupin Zero
Why am I not surprised? Pic credit: TMS Entertainment

What’s the Lupin Zero plot?

Lupin the Third is thirteen years old, attending junior high in Tokyo, and he’s bored. However, he takes an interest in Jigen, the mysterious marksman, and talks to him at a nightclub.

Jigen soon decides that Lupin is merely a privileged and naive boy and wants nothing to do with him. But while Jigen helps one of the nightclub’s singers, Yoko, the Yakuza are pursuing her.

He discovers that Lupin is a descendant of the legendary thief! So why is the Yakuza after a nightclub singer?

Will Lupin Zero also introduce Zenigata or Goemon? Lupin Zero promises to be the origin story of Lupin the Third, and I’m looking forward to seeing Lupin drag Jigen into his crazy schemes!

Why 13 years old?

Although we got glimpses of Lupin’s childhood, especially in Lupin the Third Part 6, this will be the first time fans will see Lupin before becoming famous. Some of these adventures are from the manga, while others are exclusive to the anime.

As for why the 1960s, the manga initially came out during this time, in an interview between Director Daisuke Sakou, Producer Koji Nozaki, and Sakou reveals that Lupin’s first animated appearance was on the Hida Speedway in 1971.

Since Lupin’s age and nationality are unknown, it’s a safe bet that he was a child during the 1960s. But, what most fans might not know is that Lupin isn’t his first name.

His first name is Arsene, and he was named after his grandfather, who is based on a gentleman thief in Maurice Leblanc’s novels. This means that Lupin’s grandfather was French, and Part 5 is dedicated to misadventures in France.

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