Manhwa titles Tower of God and Noblesse get anime adaptations

Tower of God and Noblesse artwork
Tower of God and Noblesse are both set to get anime adaptations. Pic credit: Line Webtoon/

Usually an anime series is adapted from a manga in Japan, but of late the South Korea counterparts known as manhwa have been growing in popularity and there’s a demand now to see these titles get their own animated adaptations.

According to a news report by Yonkou Productions, two popular manhwa/webtoons will be getting the anime treatment.

It was at Seoul Comic Con when word broke out that Tower of God and Noblesse will be adapted into anime series. At the moment there is very little detail about these projects, but we do hear that they will be done by Japanese anime studios. We’re excited check out these upcoming shows and hopeful to see more manhwa titles get adapted into anime.

Tower of God started back in 2010 and follows the story of a boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam who lives by himself in a cave under a mysterious tower. When his friend Rachel goes missing, Bam sneaks into the tower to rescue her and finds himself tested by each of the levels of the deadly tower.

Then there’s Noblesse, which is a series that was released in December of 2007 by writer Son Jeho and artist Lee Kwangsu. It follows a noble by the name of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel who finds himself on a journey 800 years in the future. He’s joined by his companion Frankenstein and enrolled in a local highschool where he makes friends who aid him in uncovering his hidden past.

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