My adventures at ColossalCon North 2022: AMV Contest!

Akame ga Kill
Esdeath wants Tatsumi to stay by her side. Tatsumi wants to get away from her before she decides to kill him! Pic credit: White Fox and C-Station

I love AMVs. AMVs are an under-appreciated art form, even when it’s nothing more than a fight from an anime with a different song attached.

It doesn’t matter how old or niche the anime is because a good AMV can make you into a fan and want to learn more. ColossalCon understands this, and ColossalCon North 2022 had its first AMV Contest on Friday!

Sadly, I wasn’t able to find all the submissions on YouTube. But, ColossalCon will get its own YouTube channel and upload them in the future!

Komi making the smile gesture to Tadano.
Komi making the smile gesture to Tadano. Pic credit: Studio OLM

Rules for ColossalCon North 2022

As this is the first time, the rules are simple. You can submit as many AMVs as you want, but each must be in one category.

The entire length must be no longer than five minutes, and the event is for all ages. So there can’t be anything graphic or foul language involved.

You can use any anime or any combination of anime you want. One submission includes 100! Finally, it must be a brand new AMV for the contest.

Most of the videos I found were uploaded by their creators a week or a month ago at the earliest. And given the quality of the AMVs, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see these creators again next year!


We only had three to choose from this year, but that number can easily increase. There was also a visual warning, as some of the AMVs contain flashing lights, and there are chances for spoilers.

But that’s the risk you take when you watch an AMV! In case this is your first time hearing the term.

AMV stands for Anime Music Video. And back before the time when we had several streaming services.

AMVs were one of the only ways to find out what was happening in your favorite shows while waiting for the next episode. It’s also used to create shipping videos of our favorite characters!

R&T: Rythum and Transition

This goes beyond matching the beat with a theme. You must match the beat with separate frames!

There’s no limit to how many anime you use or effects.


Odds are you’ve heard of parodies or abridged anime. The goal of this category is to use commercial, trailer, or comedian audio to make us see the anime in a different light.

Unfortunately, my favorite submission, as well as the first entry shown, isn’t currently available. But be on the lookout for an Attack on Titan/Sponge Bob crack!

For the Plot

This involves a more careful choice of songs, as you must use the lyrics to either retell/reframe the anime or show us a different pairing. So many feelings were involved, and I wished I could find all of them!

And I’m so glad the audience didn’t have to vote for their favorite because I loved all of them.

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