My ColossalCon North 2022 adventures continue with a Hunter x Hunter auction!

Hunter x Hunter
Remember when Gon learned to make a bid and almost bought something before they could buy the Greed Island game? Pic credit: Madhouse

Don’t let the name fool you. There was no exchange of money during the auction. Instead, the audience participated in several challenges to win amazing prizes!

Some of the challenges involved groups, which sadly meant you couldn’t participate in all of them. But most of them were set for individuals, and if I weren’t planning on visiting more events, I would’ve tried one!

Hunter x Hunter
Don’t you love making new friends? Pic credit: Madhouse

My first fan panel of the convention!

A talented group of cosplayers runs the Hunter x Hunter Auction. They have a YouTube channel, Bumble Cam, but sadly they haven’t uploaded their time at ColossalCon North yet.

Hopefully, they’ll do that soon as the Hisoka of the group. tried to kidnap an adorable pug dressed like Gon! Even if you’re not interested in Hunter x Hunter, I’d recommend going to one of Bumble Cam’s panels.

Their energy is infectious, and they know how to keep things interesting.

This is one of Bumble Cam’s most recent uploads.

Drawing Challenge

This is the first long-term game. Volunteers are given a blank canvas, four colored pencils per person that can be shared with the others, and a corner to draw in.

What did they have to draw? Any member of the cosplayers/phantom troupe members/nen abilities at the panel.

They had one hour, and the final results were fantastic! The panel members even offered to trade some extra prizes for their drawings!

Uvogin’s Chug Challenge

I don’t remember if Uvogin drank before he was killed, but this feels like a fitting challenge for him. The rules are simple.

Choose between soda, energy drinks, or beer, and chug until you’re ready to burp as loud as you can. IDs were checked for those who wanted a beer, and at least one person drank another soda before attempting to burp.

Music Battle

This is our second and final group activity, as six people volunteered to either play a recorder, sing or act like a boombox! Each team was responsible for writing and creating a song and naming their team.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t hear them practice, but the final result was epic. Where else will you listen to a battle between Rap and Ballad?!

The Rap won, but I enjoyed both of the songs.

This man is insane!

Feitan’s Pain Packer Challenge

Also known as the only challenge to have a single participant, you needed to sign a waiver to attempt it. It’s also the one that I would’ve tried if they had more than one chip!

The Pain Packer Challenge is a two-parter. First, you have to do The One-Chip Challenge and then drink a bottle of some hot sauce.

I forget the name of the hot sauce, but it was a small black bottle, and those are always the spiciest. So if you don’t like spicy things, let me explain the difficulty of the One-Chip Challenge.

The box is shaped like a coffin. It’ll cost about $8, depending on where you get it, and there are warning labels all over it!

The chip itself is sealed in a separate package, and you should avoid touching any sensitive areas and wash your hands after touching it. It’s made from blue corn, Carolina Reaper, and Scorpian peppers.

These are two of the hottest peppers known, and the challenge is to eat the chip and see how long you can last without eating or drinking anything. Fortunately for our brave volunteer, he only had to go a minute before being declared a winner, and I didn’t see if he drank the hot sauce.

So, why did I want to try this challenge? Because I tried the One-Chip Challenge before, and I have a high heat tolerance.

Hisoka’s Bungie Gum Challenge

We all know how Hisoka’s Nen abilities work. He creates a substance that has the properties of bubble gum and a Bungi cord.

That shouldn’t be a problematic power to beat, but Hisoka is far from an easy opponent. Fortunately, the challenge, another 2-parter, was easy.

Attempt to blow the biggest bubbles using bubble gum, and then attempt to steal as much fake money as possible using one of those sticky hand toys. There were a lot of jokes about how this is what the Phantom Troupe does, and the audience loved it.

Arm Wrestling

Do you think you have what it takes to beat Shizuku in an arm wrestling match? Well, you could have tried your luck against her amazing cosplayer!

Roc em Soc em Robots

If you don’t know, I’m not explaining part of my parent’s childhood to you. But I did see someone walking around with them during the con!

Let’s Fight! A boxing match between Ben and Ugovin!

Ben is not from Hunter x Hunter, but he often collaborates with the Bumble Cam team. I apologize to them if I misspelled anything or made any mistakes during this article.

Hit the Ace Plushie

I don’t know why poor Ace from One Piece had to be a make-shift pinata or who would win if the Phantom Troupe tried to fight him. But at least there weren’t any Luffy cosplayers there to see it!

Killua’s Yo-Yo Challenge

The Phantom Troupe captured Killua and a little pug dressed as Gon and let Killua have his challenge. This was also when Hisoka tried to kidnap Gon, but the puppy wasn’t harmed, and Killua didn’t seem worried.

Killua wanted to out yo-yo a master, and everyone had a great time.

Steal or No Steal

Have you ever heard of Deal or No Deal? This challenge is based on that game show. The volunteer had to choose between a small assortment of various Hunter x Hunter/other anime merch and a box.

She chose the box, and the remaining prizes were saved for another con.

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