My ColossalCon North 2022 adventures in Day 0: An overview of my con experience!

ColossalCon North 2022
I never learned this girl’s name, but I wish the weather were as lovely in real life during the con! Pic credit: ColossalCon and Everbright

I want to start by thanking the Press Team of ColossalCon North for inviting me to the con and giving me my first press badge. Sadly, due to the weather being uncooperative and other factors outside anyone’s control, I was never contacted to do any interviews.

But that didn’t stop me from going to many events, blowing through most of my money throughout the con, and wishing I’d bought another pen or battery charger. So if you don’t want to read about my adventures, this article is an overview.

I’ll break down the events I went to in future articles, going by day and what I did. But I had a great time and can’t wait for next year!

ColossalCon Season Pass
If only I had the means to see all four! Pic credit: ColossalCon and Eventbrighte

What is ColossalCon North?

ColossalCon North made its debut in Wisconsin at the Kalahari in 2022 and is one of four ColossalCons. The original ColossalCon is in Ohio, while the other two are in Texas and Pennsylvania.

Since ColossalCon North is about 30 minutes from my house, I didn’t waste any time buying a 3-Day pass and booking a room in the Kalahari, where the con was being held. So you can imagine my surprise and delight when I was invited to the con and given a press badge!

The badge I had already purchased went to one of my friends, and I was glad I picked the Kalahari to stay in. I had to save up for several months to afford everything, which was worth it.

Especially once it began snowing and guests and events had to be reorganized or canceled. Some of the guests couldn’t arrive until 3 in the morning!

But that’s Wisconsin, and the show proceeded with plenty of energy! So I reserved my room for Thursday-Sunday and spent most of Thursday preparing for the con.

Little did I know that some of these plans wouldn’t happen!

What did I do during the convention?

I died during a Squid Game on Friday, sold my soul for a wish, and joined a cult! To find out how I managed this, check out my future articles about ColossalCon North!

Saturday was a bit tamer in comparison. My phone ran out of storage while I was trying to film some of the events, my brand new pen decided to break, and I talked to Marcus M. Mauldin!

It was a thrilling and scary experience that I wasn’t expecting. Not because he was doing anything to scare me but because my inner fan girl chose to come out, and my brain was trying to stay in professional mode.

Fan girl won, and I did take the time to charge my phone, delete some things, borrow a pen, and take care of myself before going to more events. So Sunday was a mix of calm and craziness.

I didn’t sleep until around 4, so I didn’t set my alarm. Which was the right thing to do given that I’d purchased a late checkout, so we wouldn’t have to rush until 2 pm.

Unfortunately, I didn’t go to any of the events on Sunday. Not because I wasn’t interested in them but because I had a mission.

What was it, and did I succeed? You’ll have to wait until I’ve finished writing about Saturday to find out!

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