My Hero Academia Movie 3 in 2020 likely: Report claims 10 Baku no Hero Academia movies planned, manga creator Kohei Horikoshi ‘committed’ to series

My Hero Academia poster art
A report claims that 10 My Hero Academia movies are planned and that manga creator Kohei Horikoshi is committed to the long term. Pic credit: Studio Bones

Is the new My Hero Academia Movie 3 release date going to be set for 2020? The potential answer to that question is, “Yes, PLUS ULTRA!” since a new report claims that a total of 10 Baku no Hero Academia movies are planned and that a new MHA film will be released each year.

This report comes from respected anime news leaker Yonkou Productions. On January 22, 2020, he claimed on Twitter that “My Hero Academia is going to receive a new movie every year for [a] total of at least 10 movies that are currently being planned.”

This report is unverified by official sources like manga publisher Shueisha or animation studio Bones, which is producing both the anime TV series and the movie projects. Still, it makes sense that both companies would want to ride the hype train as long as possible since the My Hero Academia manga, anime, and films have been quite profitable for all companies involved.

At the same time, the report clashes with previous information by those close to the production of MHA movies.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising release date in USA/Canada confirmed for February 2020
The My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising movie is coming to U.S. theater in late February 2020. Pic credit: FUNimation

My Hero Academia Movie: 2020 release date even possible?

Sorry to be a downer, but Boku no Hero Academia manga creator Kohei Horikoshi has said quite clearly that a 2020 My Hero Academia Movie 3 probably won’t happen. Horikoshi originally made this claim since the second film, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, borrowed plot elements that he had originally planned for the entire MHA manga’s ending.

“In a certain sense, one could say that this movie will be finale-ish for MHA. Let me clarify: the movie is going to feature one element that I wanted to use in the final battle of the manga. If you’re thinking, ‘If that’s true, then what’s gonna happen with the manga?!’ please rest assured. I’m worried too. The first movie showcased All Might and Deku fighting side-by-side as master and pupil (which is just about the most ultimately awesome thing I could think of), and now this movie somehow has to top that battle. Which puts me in a tough spot. I can’t imagine anything is going to top this one, so there won’t be a third movie. Probably. In short, movie #2 is going to blow the last one out of the water in a PLUS ULTRA way, so look forward to it!”

For the sake of argument, let’s assume Horikoshi manages to figure out how to make each new My Hero Academia movie even more PLUS ULTRA. The secondary issue is whether animation Studio Bones can keep up with making My Hero Academia Movie 3, 4, 5, 6, and so on.

Fortunately, Bones is divided up into studios, lettered A through E. Bones has Studio C committed to exclusively working on MHA anime projects.

Studio A recently worked on the Carole & Tuesday anime, Studio B is producing the Mob Psycho 100 anime (which would include the Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 anime), Studio D focuses on Bungo Stray Dogs, and Studio E is creating the Eureka Seven movies.

Bones Studio C has been renewing the anime TV series regularly, and the My Hero Academia Season 5 anime is likely to be announced in March 2020. Studio C is also producing the MHA films, and they show no signs of slowing down.

Assuming Yonkou Productions’ claim is correct, that would mean My Hero Academia Movie 3 would likely come out in late 2020 since Heroes Rising released in Japan in December 2019.

My Hero Academia manga's ending pushed out past 2020 Boku no Hero Academia Heroes Rising movie uses story idea from original finale plans
The My Hero Academia manga’s ending may have been pushed out past 2020 by Boku no Hero Academia manga creator Kohei Horikoshi. Pic credit: Kohei Horikoshi

Boku no Hero Academia manga’s ending also claimed to be pushed out by many years

It goes without saying that if there are plans for My Hero Academia Movie 2020 through 2027, then the manga can’t end any time soon. However, in the summer of 2018, Horikoshi said he was considering ending the story with Volume 30.

But then Horikoshi realized that “ending the series at Volume 30 will be impossible.” Also, One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda has suggested that Horikoshi shoot for ending in 50 volumes.

If the manga stays on schedule, Volume 30 will release in December 2020. Horikoshi hasn’t mentioned any plans for ending the manga in 2020, nor has a final story arc been announced.

Yonkou Productions is also claiming that “Horikoshi is committed committed” to continuing the manga series way beyond his original expectations.

“My Hero academia has got a long way to go… goodness,” wrote Yonkou Productions. “We’re probably just in the d**n prologue of My Hero Academia.”

To put things in perspective, the first epic season of the Vinland Saga anime series was officially considered merely a prologue, as well.

Let’s hope he’s correct, and a My Hero Academia Movie 3 will make our 2020 holidays PLUS ULTRA! Stay tuned!

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