My Hero Academia Season 5 OVA 2 release date in Summer 2022

My Hero Academia
The second OVA of MHA season 5 returns to Deku, Bakugo, and Shota training under Endeavor. But we’ll see a new villain, Smiley, who isn’t in the manga. Pic credit: Bones

My Hero Academia Season 5’s official Twitter posted a key visual for the second OVA on June 16, 2022. It’s titled Warae! Jigoku no you ni, or Laugh! As if you are in Hell.

At first glance, the new OVA appears to be a retelling of one of our favorite trios as they train under Endeavor. But this OVA will have a brand new villain, Smiley.

We don’t know much about him yet, but we know he’s a graffiti artist, and his quirk makes it very difficult for police to catch him. So how will our heroes handle this villain, and will this affect My Hero Academia Season 6?

Hero League Baseball
My Hero Academia: Hero League Baseball, poster visual. Pic credit:


HERO FES 2022 plans to premiere season 6, episode one for event goers, before its official release in Fall 2022. Some fans are nervous that Bones is doing too much with these OVAs, but the first OVA was first revealed as an April Fools prank and then officially announced shortly after.

The first OVA features Class 1-A playing baseball, and the students have been split into four teams. The Orcas, led by Gang Orca, the Shishido Agency Lionels, Mt. Lady’s Mountains, and Fat Gum Agency Fats.

Both OVAs are set to premiere in Japanese theaters on June 16-19. In addition, the first five seasons are available on Crunchyroll for streaming.

What happens in season 5?

Season 5 covers the last few chapters of Pro Hero, Joint Training, Meta Liberation Army, Endeavor Agency, and the early chapters of the Paranormal Liberation War arcs. It plays strongly with Deku learning about the previous holders of One For All, and we see Deku master Blackwhip, but what about his other abilities?

One For All started with All For One’s brother, a sickly young man. Who refused to submit, even when All For One forced a quirk onto him.

But it turned out One For All had a quirk called Transferrence, which is how One For All can be passed between wielders. Which begs the question: what quirk was All For One trying to give him?

Nana Shimura is All Might’s mentor and grandmother of Tomura Shigaraki. Her quirk is Float and is the next quirk All Might wants Deku to master.

Daigoro Banjo is the original owner of Blackwhip, and this is the first quirk Deku learns. Blackwhip is subjective to the user’s emotional state, but Deku learns to use this to his advantage. One For All is still a mystery, but we know it grows with each successor.

Most of the One For All quirks are still in manga territory, so I won’t talk about them here.

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