My Hero Academia Season 5 trailer confirms release date in Spring 2021

The My Hero Academia Season 5 anime will open by finally explaining Deku’s nightmare. Pic credit: Studio Bones

The new My Hero Academia Season 5 trailer has confirmed that the Boku no Hero Academia Season 5 release date is scheduled for Spring 2021!

Unless MHA 5 pulls an Attack On Titan Season 4 by being released with an odd schedule, a Spring 2021 release means My Hero Academia Season 5 will return to the usual schedule of airing new episodes in April.

The My Hero Academia Season 5 production decision was initially announced by Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and by the fourth season’s end card. Anime fans had hoped MHA Season 5 would be released in October 2020, but the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic potentially played a factor in the anime’s scheduling.

Back in spring 2020, shortly after the fourth season ended, anime news leakers were already claiming that My Hero Academia Season 5 release date would not be in 2020. It was even being claimed that a Spring 2021 release time frame had a low chance, but since the world was still learning about the capabilities of the SARS-COV-2 virus at the time it made sense that the anime production committee’s plans were up in the air.

During Spring 2020 and Summer 2020, many anime studios delayed anime premieres due to the coronavirus outbreak, including the Re:ZERO Season 2 anime, but most of the studios suffering from difficulties heavily rely on outsourcing work to Chinese and Korean studios.

Animation studio Bones is producing My Hero Academia Season 5 and the company has multiple sub-studios labeled A through E. Producer Yoshihiro Oyabu leads Studio C, which works exclusively on the Boku no Hero Academia anime series.

MHA Season 5 anime
The announcement art for the My Hero Academia Season 5 release date time frame. Pic credit: Studio Bones

Where the Boku no Hero Academia Season 5 anime is in the manga’s story

The story for the anime series is based on the My Hero Academia manga series by writer and illustrator Kohei Horikoshi. As of September 4, 2020, the manga was up to Volume 28 (it was up to Volume 26 when the fourth season ended).

My Hero Academia’s ending in the after-credits scene of the anime’s fourth season was a bit odd since it showed Deku having a nightmare without explaining the context of the situation.

The fourth season ended in the Pro Hero story arc by adapting only parts of manga Chapters 190 and 192. The fifth season will likely cover the story arcs that span Chapters 191 through 240.

Please see our full My Hero Academia Season 5 anime story for more details.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 1 anime plot summary

Warning: The following contains potential spoilers for My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 1.

Back at the UA High dorms, an exhausted Izuku finishes training and falls asleep. Dreaming, he has a vision of All Might’s mentor, Nana Shimura, and the previous users of the One For All quirk.

He sees the events from the past that led to the creation of One For All. When Quirks first started spreading in the world, they were called Superpowers, but the negative ramifications of almost everyone receiving Quirks caused society to break down.

Deku then sees how the events surrounding All For One’s brother led to the creation of the One For All Quirk.

Back in the current time, the young heroes resume their schooling by having joint training sessions where Class 1-A and Class 1-B compete in multiple rounds.

During these joint training sessions, Izuku will unlock secrets from the past and awaken new powers that even All Might didn’t know exists.

Unfortunately, anime fans will have to wait until the My Hero Academia Season 5 release date to watch and see what happens next. Stay tuned!

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