My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 9 review: ‘Katsuki Bakugou: Rising’

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Last week saw the students of U.A. and the pro heroes locked in an epic battle with The League of Villains. Shigaraki continues to cause problems for Deku, Endeavor, and the others, while Gigantomachia has ambushed several Class 1A and 1B students.

The relentless battles have been nothing if not wildly entertaining, and the latest episode is no different. My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 9 of the popular anime series, titled “Katuski Bakugou: Rising”, picks up right where we left off last week and keeps the same level of excitement throughout.

The previews for this week’s episode highlighted even more intense action, as well as some potential new powers for Deku. Read below to see exactly what happens.

My Hero Academia S6 Episode 9 synopsis and review

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 9 started with flashbacks to Shagaraki as he attempted to take out Aizawa.

The first minutes of this episode are brutal, particularly for the Class 1A teacher. He immediately cuts off his leg so as to not interrupt his quirks connection to Shigaraki. Still, he’s distracted just barely long enough for Shigaraki to cause problems. 

One of the most interesting things about this is how much Shigaraki respects Aizawa, especially compared to the other heroes. He actively tries to take Aizawa out of the fight multiple times, even going so far as to gouge his eye out. 

Todoroki shows up to aid Midoriya and the others in the fight against Shigaraki. Meanwhile, Gigsntomachia is still wreaking havoc, with multiple other cities being warned to evacuate his projected path. The students who attempted to stop him look on in worry as he trudges toward the city. For as much effort as they and the pro heroes put in, they still can’t help but wonder if they made the wrong decisions. 

Back in the main battle, Shigraki realizes that his healing quirk isn’t as effective as he thought because he was unable to last four months upgrading. Suddenly, Midoriya manages to unlock Float, the quirk of Nana Shimura, the seventh One for All user. He vies to use it to keep Shigaraki from touching the ground and destroying everything.

Bakugou warns that with Aizawa incapacitated, Mirodirya should be as far away from Shigaraki as possible, but he cannot let go as there is no one else who can restrain the villain otherwise.

In a flashback training montage, All Might enlists the help of some of Deku’s classmates to teach him about using his new powers. As they watch from a distance, Bakugou laments to All Might that they will not be able to hide Deku’s quirk forever while also accusing the former hero of knowing more than he lets on.

In a brief moment of vulnerability, Bakugou admits to All Might that bullying Deku was a way of making up for his own weaknesses, but he’s helping them as a way of atoning for his sins. At that moment, we cut back to the present, where Deku is still doing his best against Shigaraki. He’s landing back-to-back blows, devastating Shigaraki before he can recover, but also sacrificing the integrity of his own arms in the process. 

Watching Deku struggle from down below, Bakugou devises a plan to propel him, Endeavor, and Todoroki into the air to assist Deku. Endeavor releases his strongest blast possible while holding Shigaraki in place. Although the blast burns the entirety of his body to a crisp, Shigaraki still does not die. Instead, he launches an attack on Deku that Bakugou does not hesitate to jump in front of, injuring him greatly as he is impaled.

This episode really puts the rivalry between Deku and Shigaraki at the forefront, which is nice to see, considering they’re the main villain and hero of the series. It finally feels like we’ve gotten to a point where as viewers, our fortitude has paid off. There are some quick flashbacks where we see just how far Midoriya has come up to this point, and it really has been a long journey. To see him at a place where he can truly hold his own and even have heroes acknowledge him, feels so satisfying to watch.

It was also great to see Bakugou’s character development and how far he’s come from the bully we met in episode one. Plenty of Bakugou, and My Hero fans in general, have been waiting for the moment when he acknowledges his mistakes if only so we can watch him grow from them.

As a whole, this was one of the best episodes My Hero Academia has ever given us. It’ll be hard holding out until next week to see what comes of Bakugou, if he even makes it out of this battle at all.

What is the My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 10 release date?

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 10 is the next episode in the series. The episode will be titled “The Ones Within Us”. It will available on Crunchyroll starting Saturday, December 3rd, 2022, at 4:30 a.m. EST.

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