Given English dub now streaming on Crunchyroll

mafuyu and ritsuka from given in hallway

After years of waiting, Crunchyroll has finally answered the silent prayer of fans and released a dub for Given. The series, which first premiered in July of 2019, is based on the manga of the same name by Natsuki Kizu. The series did well, premiering to good reviews. It even spawned a movie in the … Read more

New Sasaki and Miyano Episode 13/OVA releases on Crunchyroll

clip from sasaki and miyano ova trailer

There’s nothing more exciting than new content from your favorite animes, and fans of Sasaki and Miyano should be pleased to hear they’re getting blessed with a new OVA episode to keep them going until the movie. Normally viewers would have to wait weeks for an OVA to release, likely having to purchase the Blu-ray … Read more