My One-Hit Kill Sister anime release date in 2023

My One-Hit Kill Sister
Asahi is in over his head, but at least his big sister is here to take care of him. Pic credit: Gekko

Crunchyroll has confirmed that the My One-Hit Kill Sister release date is in 2023.

When the 7th manga volume came out on March 11, 2022, it came with an announcement for an anime adaptation. During their Industrial Panel at Crunchyroll Expo on August 6, 2022, Crunchyroll announced they’ll stream the anime outside Asia.

Are you ready to explore another world with your big sister? No? That’s ok because neither is Asahi!

My One-Hit Kill Sister
Sadly, the manga is only available in Japanese, but maybe the anime will get it translated! Pic credit: Konoe and Kenji Taguchi

What do we know about the My One-Hit Kill Sister anime?

Hiroaki Takagi is directing at Studio Gekko. Yohei Kashii is in charge of the scripts, Yuji Hamada designs the characters, and Kenichi Kanagawa designs the monsters.

We also have our three leads confirmed. Yuki Sakakihara is Asahi Ikusaba, Haruka Shiraishi is Maya Ikusaba, and Ami Koshimizu is Kilmaria.

Sadly, the exact date is unknown, but with several other isekai anime in the wings. So it looks like 2023 will be mostly about visiting other worlds.

My One-Hit Kill Sister began as a web novel that hasn’t gotten a physical release. However, a manga adaptation with Kenji Taguchi’s art started serializing on the Sunday Webry website and the Monthly Sunday Gene-X Magazine in 2020.

The manga is up to seven volumes and is only available in Japanese. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything more than the synopsis for this series, but Konoe, the original creator, has made a few changes to the isekai formula.

What is My One-Hit Kill Sister?

Asahi is a high-school student who got lost and ended up in another world. He knows about video games, but he’s weak and doesn’t seem to have any “cheat” abilities.

Fortunately, he soon finds his older sister, Mayu, who has the strongest “cheat” abilities, and a brother complex. How will Asahi and Mayu handle this new world, and when will Kilmaria make a scene?

We’ll keep writing about this as more information becomes available. And if you want to keep up to date before anyone else, check out the official website here.

A weak male protagonist with video game skills isn’t new, but the brother complex may put some people off. However, there could be more to the plot, and it has the makings of a decent comedy.

But without the web novels or the manga being translated, it will be hard to find a proper comparison until the anime comes out.

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