Netflix’s Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa gets first key visual

Detective Conan The Culprit Hanzawa official poster
The Detective Conan The Culprit Hanzawa official poster. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

On July 19, 2022, the Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa official Twitter released the first key visual for the upcoming anime series, announcing thereby that Shouta Aoi is voicing the titular character.

As previously announced, the anime will premiere in October for both Japanese and worldwide audiences.  Netflix will be streaming the series in addition to it airing on Japanese TV for the local audience.

Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa — what we know so far

Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa is based on the eponymous spin-off manga by Mayuko Kanba (see below for additional details). As mentioned above, the anime will be distributed via Netflix starting in October 2022, with the precise premiere date yet to be announced.

Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa is being produced by TMS/Studio 1.

The staff is, as follows:

  • Akitaro Daichi (Meiji Tokyo Renka) — director
  • Mayumi Nakajima (Tada Never Falls in Love) — art director
  • Fuu Chisaka  — character designer
  • Akemi Sasaki — photography director
  • Hiromi Miyawaki — color designer
  • Jun Abe, Seiji Mutou — music composers

Take a look at the first key visual:

The first key visual for the upcoming Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa anime series, which will be exclusively distributed via Netflix. Pic credit: The Culprit Hanzawa official Twitter

Stay tuned for additional details as they are being released; there are still months to go until the premiere.

In the meantime, there are other Detective Conan spin-offs coming to Netflix, notably Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time, which will be available any day now. Zero’s Tea Time is produced by TMS Entertainment, directed by Tomochi Kosaka (Dr. Stone), with Yoshiko Nakamura handling the narrative. Toru Furuya (Dragon Ball Super) is the voice behind detective Rei Furuya.

The Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa spin-off manga

Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa is a spin-off manga inspired by the famous Detective Conan manga series by Gosho Aoyama that started in 1994 and has been collected into 101 tankōbon volumes so far. It is one of the best-selling manga series of all time and follows an investigator who was turned into a child after being forced to consume an unknown drug by a gang.

Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa (探偵コナン 犯人の犯沢さん, Meitantei Konan Hannin no Hanzawa-san) is written and illustrated by Mayuko Kanba and follows the silhouetted ‘criminal’ who debuted in Aoyama’s original series.

The manga has been serialized in Shogakukan’s Shōnen Sunday S, under the Shonen Sunday Comics label, since May 2017. The chapters have been collected into six tankōbon volumes (as of October 2021).

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