New anime from Kakegurui creator confirmed

Three characters from the upcoming anime HIGH CARD pose for a photo.
Three characters from the upcoming anime HIGH CARD pose for a photo. Pic credit: HIGH CARD Twitter

Following the announcement of a joint collaboration project between Kadokawa and TMS Entertainment back in 2021 regarding the announcement of an original anime titled ‘HIGH CARD’, on March 8th of this year the HIGH CARD Twitter account unveiled a new teaser visual for the upcoming anime.

They additionally announced that the project is set to release in 2023 and opened the official anime site up for people to peruse before the series officially launches next year.

HIGH CARD has been set up to be a multimedia project that isn’t limited to just an anime release — other tie-in properties include a planned manga and light novel series, with more announcements assumedly on the way. Currently, a series of popular drama CDs have been made out of the franchise. It’ll be exciting to see if they tackle the other elements of the multimedia project with the same amount of fervor.

The project is spearheaded by the creator of Kakegurui, Homura Kawamoto, who was announced to have created the original concept for the multimedia franchise.

They also announced that character designs will be handled by Kawano Nozomi, who illustrated the below picture:

It’ll be exciting to see how the anime shakes out!

Has there been any other information released on HIGH CARD?

Quite a bit of information has come out about the upcoming HIGH CARD anime.

Besides the announcement regarding the original concept creator for the anime, the premise for the series has been revealed, as has the cast of characters to be featured in the anime and the general setting for the world.

The following teaser preview was released with English subtitles, which can be viewed below:

To summarize the information found on the website, there are 52 X-Playing Cards — cards that bestow supernatural abilities to the holders of the cards. Finn, the main character of the series, embarks on a journey to collect as many of the cards as he can in this gambling-themed adventure.

When will the anime come out?

As of yet, a specific release date for the HIGH CARD anime hasn’t yet been revealed beyond the year that the series is set to release, that being 2023.

It’ll be interesting to see how HIGH CARD plays out, considering how Kawamoto’s most recent manga endeavor, Killing the People Reincarnated into the Other World: Cheat Slayer played out.

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