New Lupin III anime special on TV in November, master thief announces his intentions to steal ‘the treasure of Godzilla’

Lupin III in Lupin III Prison of the Past
Now that’s the look of trouble. Pic credit: TMS Entertainment

The world’s most wanted thief is at it again! It was recently announced that a new anime special titled Lupin III: Prison of the Past will be premiering on November 29 on NTV at 9 p.m. It is part of a Lupin Festival that will be airing that night.

Lupin and the gang will be infiltrating a country called Doruente to rescue a fellow gentleman thief. As this goes down, other thieves from around the world will also be making their way to the country to unlock its secrets.

Lupin III with Jigen and Goemon
The gang is back for some cheeky shenanigans in Lupin III: Prison of the Past. Pic credit: TMS Entertainment

Hatsuki Tsuji is directing Lupin III: Prison of the Past at TMS Entertainment. Shatner Nishida wrote the script, Hirotaka Marufuji designed the characters, and Yuji Ohno returned as the Music Composer. The voice cast includes Kanichi Kurita, Kiyoshi Kobayashi, Daisuke Namikawa, and Miyuki Sawashiro.

And that’s not all! The master thief has also set his sights on a heist of epic proportions. In fact, this will be a kaiju-sized caper. It was reported that Lupin the Third has left his calling card on the new Godzilla statue at the Hibiya Godzilla Square in Tokyo, Japan.

The notice that was left behind on the three-meter tall statue simply says, “I will visit to steal the treasure of Godzilla.” You have to admit… that’s some guts. The statue is based on Godzilla’s appearance in the 2016 film, Shin Godzilla, and it was built in the square in March 2018.

Apparently, the date that Lupin will be pulling off the theft will be November 3. That’s the date of Godzilla Fest 2019, which is an event to celebrate the giant radioactive lizard’s 65th anniversary. In response, it looks like Toho has decided to tighten up their security. Do you think Lupin will be able to pull this off?

This crossover promotion is to hype up the upcoming movie, Lupin The Third: The First. This will be the first film that will be done in full 3DCG and was written and directed by Takashi Yamazaki. Lupin The Third: The First will arrive in Japanese theaters on December 6.

The original Lupin III manga was written and illustrated by Monkey Punch, who passed away earlier this year. The manga was first serialized in Weekly Manga Action in 1967 and was first adapted into an anime television series in 1971. It has since spawned a number of other mangas, anime series, OVAs, films, live-action movies, and more.

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