New PUI PUI Molcar season to premiere in fall 2022

PUI PUI Molcar KV. Pic credit:

PUI PUI Molcar is coming back this fall, according to the anime’s official website. The precise date hasn’t been specified yet, so stay tuned!

To commemorate the occasion, the first series (12 episodes in total) will be made available on YouTube from May 31 to June 6.

The first stop-motion anime series premiered in January 2021 on TV Tokyo’s Kinder TV as puppet anime creator Tomoki Misato’s directorial debut.

PUI PUI Molcar is the first TV anime series produced by Japan Green Hearts — the studio founded by Misato and Wit Studio (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress) in December 2020. Misato had made a number of short films, but he first came to public attention in 2018 with his award-winning short My Little Goat.

In addition to Misato, animators working on PUI PUI Molcar included Makoto Takano, Ikuko Iwatsuki, Michiko Kaihatsu, Kei Sato, and Harune Satō. Shōta Kowashi composed a catchy soundtrack.

PUI PUI Molcar 2022: what we know so far

The upcoming PUI PUI Molcar TV anime series is produced by Shinei Animation (Doraemon). Misato is also in charge of the script; storyboards are being produced in collaboration with Kei Sato (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? III) and Hana Ono.

Like its predecessor, PUI PUI Molcar 2022 will use stop-motion animated puppets made of wool felt.

PUI PUI Molcar Plot

Basically, the plot follows guinea-pigs-turned-cars, focusing on their antics. There are various references to famous movies, which provide comic relief. Episodes are short and sweet — two-minute-long animation coupled with a short animation segment on Kinder TV.

Asked how he got the idea to cross guinea pigs and cars, Tomoki Misato said:

“We live in a world where many irritating things happen when you drive, like traffic jams, people cutting you off, and tailgating. So I thought ‘if cars were guinea pigs…’ something refreshing like a molcar would be able to break down that kind of stress in society. Guinea pigs have big, round eyes and butts, short little legs to scurry around on, and always have innocent-looking faces. So, even if there was a traffic jam, you would just have to look at the butt of the guinea pig in front of you to feel better. And if there was some trouble, they’re so cute and fuzzy you would have to forgive them, wouldn’t you? And since they get their energy from vegetables, it’s also good for the environment!”

Full translation available here

PUI PUI Molcar TV has witnessed huge success. Netflix began streaming the TV anime series in March 2021. Upon premiering, the original TV anime went on to inspire the Pui Pui Molcar Mogu Mogu Parking smartphone game (launched in July 2021).  

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