Nights with a Cat YouTube streaming confirmed for international distribution

Kyuruga, the titular cat. Pic credit: KADOKAWA

A new visual and a PV for the Nights with a Cat anime series have been revealed. The upcoming anime series is based on the namesake manga (夜は猫といっしょ, Yoru wa Neko to Issho) by Kyuryu Z and follows a man who loves hanging out with his sister’s cat.

The manga was originally serialized on Kyuryu Z’s Twitter account, starting in December 2019. Since October 29, 2020, it has been serialized by Kadokawa Shoten. There are three tankōbon volumes so far and the series has been licensed for English publication by Yen Press.

Yen Press’ manga synopsis is, as follows:

“When Fuuta comes home tired at night, all he wants to do is spend time with his sister’s cat, Kyuruga. So many of the mysterious habits and mannerisms of house cats — from the surprising array of shapes Kyuruga likes to twist into, to the bizarre challenge of getting a good photo of him, to his lightning-fast mood changes — are carefully reproduced in this relaxed and cute comedy about living with an adorable furball!”

Basically, the series follows the everyday lives of the three protagonists — Pi-chan’s, her cat Kyuruga’s, and Pi-chan brother Fuuta’s — and their interactions.

The Nights with a Cat anime: what we know so far

Not much has been disclosed at this point, but a couple of things we do know.

First off, there’s a catchy trailer:  

Secondly, it has been also disclosed that the theme song is “Hinata no Kuni” (literally, “Sunny Country”) by Kashitarō Itō.

By the way, Itō is a fan of the Nights with a Cat manga and a proud cat owner. He says that he was happy when he was offered to compose the theme song for the anime series.   

Finally, the episodes will be streaming weekly on YouTube from August 3, 2022.

Nights with a Cat will premiere on Tokyo MX and AT-X on August 3, 2022, and August 4, 2022, respectively.

The staff is as follows:

  • Minoru Ashina (Gekijouban Isekai Quartet: Another World) — director, screenplay
  • Minoru Takehara (Agukaru) — character design
  • Kana Utatane — music

The cast is, as follows:

  • Ayahi Takagaki — Kyuruga
  • Satoshi Hino — Fuuta
  • Atsumi Tanezaki — Pi-chan

The anime is being directed by Studio Puyukai (Overlord).

The Nights with a Cat voice actors’ impressions

Satoshi Hino, who voices Fuuta, says that he isn’t so knowledgeable about cats but that he’s hoping to learn a lot while enjoying the daily life of a cute cat alongside Fuuta.

Ayahi Takagaki, who voices Kyuruga, has disclosed that she is “very enthusiastic” about the role, adding that she’s hoping that people who don’t own a cat will feel the charms of owning a cat.

Atsumi Tanezaki, who voices Pi-chan, says that she is “healed by cats’ existence” every day. Hence, she is honored to be cast in the Nights with a Cat anime series.

The Nights with a Cat/Nekonisuto Collaboration

A curious collaboration has been announced. Namely, the Nights with a Cat personnel have teamed up with the cat photo panel event Nekonisuto (Instagram: @neko_nist) run by Breakpoint, Inc., which displays pictures of cats at various department stores across Japan.

Take a look at the poster for the previous collab below.

I guess that means we may expect a lot of cat pictures in the future!

Until August 3, 2022, we’ll have to be content with the present character design though, so here it is.

Nights with a Cat’s Kyuruga. Pic credit:
Nights with a Cat’s Fuuta. Pic credit:
Nights with a Cat’s Pi-chan. Pic credit:

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