One Piece English dub by FUNimation to release starting with One Piece Episode 575 of the Punk Hazard story arc

One Piece characters looking at the camera
The One Piece dub in English is finally coming back! The anime will pick up with the Punk Hazard story arc. Pic credit: FUNimation

FUNimation’s One Piece English is finally returning after a long wait for American anime fans. On Sunday, FUNimation announced that the One Piece dub will be releasing starting with One Piece 575, which is the beginning of the Punk Hazard story arc of the Dressrosa Saga.

The last time English-only anime audiences watched the One Piece dub was back in 2018 with Episode 574. It finished up the fish-man island arc of the manga series, which ended with Chapter 653.

The Punk Hazard story arc has Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates finally entering the New World. They immediately receive a distress call from Punk Hazard island.

Upon landing at Punk Hazard, they find a host of new characters, including a samurai who is in search of his son. The Straw Hats must deal with a series of conspiracies involving the underworld of the area.

The One Piece dub has a long way to go to catch up with the Japanese release. As of October 2019, the Japanese One Piece anime was already over 900 episodes.

To put the One Piece dub in perspective, the Punk Hazard arc is composed of 46 episodes in total. The entire Dressrosa Saga is 172 episodes long.

FUNimation has not yet announced how many episodes will be dubbed during this next round of English dubbing. The One Piece dub release date has also not been announced. Presumably, the new episodes will be released on the FUNimation Now streaming platform.

The announcement of FUNimation’s One Piece English dub happens to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the entire TV anime series. Besides renewing the main English dubbing, FUNimation is also releasing a One Piece Stampede dub in U.S. theaters on October 26th and 30th. If you prefer English subtitles, that version will play in U.S. theaters on October 24th, 29th, and 31st.

FUNimation is also releasing the One Piece Stampede English dub in Canada on October 28th and November 8, 2019. The English subtitles version is coming out in Canada on October 25th and November 5th.

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