One Piece Miko Nami figures with NFC Chips is a fantastic statue!

One Piece
This Nami statue is perfect for any fan! Pic credit: ZuoBan Studios

Nami is my favorite Straw Hat pirate, and this Nami figure statue is the ideal addition to any collection. Especially if you’ve watched the anime and read the manga to the latest chapter.

And the best part is, she won’t steal your money!

One Piece
You can also get an exchangeable head and base! Pic credit: ZuoBan Studios

Miko Nami is the best!

Resin statues are highly coveted for their detail and make great conversation starters. But the price tag can keep most collectors at bay.

Luckily for us, Miko Nami understands our pain and is $532.99! She’s made of Resin, PU, Magnet, and NFC Chips.

Her dimensions are H51 x W33 x D30 cm, and she’s expected to ship around December 2022. But this is a limited-run statue at 328 pieces.

So, be careful about where you order, as I’ve seen Miko Nami listed on eBay for over $700! And that’s not all, because depending on where you place your order, Miko Nami also comes with an interchangeable head and base!

It’s like you’re getting two figures for the price of most statues. Unfortunately, the pictures above don’t do her enough justice.

Her robe is tied with rope, and the design of her skirt resembles a fishing net. Small origami cranes and a small cloud are minding the central part of the shrine while Nami sits on the roof.

There’s also a fox mask on the back of the shrine, and the extra head comes with a crown-like decoration.

Look around before you buy!

You can find Miko Nami on, eBay, and more. When buying from unknown sites, the more research you do, the better you’ll be.

Look for things like FAQs, an About Us section, catalogs, and if the site specifically sells resin statutes or other types of anime merchandise. Especially when they say you’ll find out how much the shipping is later.

Read the description carefully if you find a resin statue for less than $100. Look at the pictures and see if the site uses a similar payment method to the more expensive ones.

Most eBay sellers charge around $700, but they’re not offering anything extra to tempt buyers. Unfortunately, due to most resin statues being unlicensed, the odds of getting an affordable deal are slim.

Most of these sites only list the statue cost and won’t reveal the shipping costs until the item is ready to be shipped. With eBay, you will only have to pay once, but there’s an extra layer of accountability if something goes wrong.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the other sites. But a resin statue is akin to a sports car. Of course, you’d love to own one, but you can buy several figurines or pay your bills with that money.

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