One Piece Wano arc hiatus planned for One Piece: Red mini arc prelude in Summer 2022

One Piece Film Red Poster and Sakazuki design
Theatrical poster for the upcoming One Piece Film: Red and character design for the marine Sakazuki. Pic credit: Toei Animation and @OP_FILMRED/Twitter

The One Piece Wano arc is the longest I’ve ever seen, and sadly for anime-only fans, it’s going to be put on a short hiatus to bring us a Red prelude mini-arc. Details about the prelude are unknown, but according to a One Piece news leaker @Epicopboy, it will receive official confirmation at the beginning of July 2022.

One Piece isn’t the first anime to break up an arc, and One Piece has done this before with decent results. Do you have to watch the mini-arc to understand Red?

I doubt it, but it’s One Piece, so it’ll be worth a look. One Piece film mini-arcs usually follow the same formula.

The Straw Hats meet the bad guys but get along with them, thus making the final confrontation in the film tenser. The problem most fans have now is the length of the Wano arc.

It’s at 128 chapters, and who knows what the next twist is?

Uta - Shanks daughter in the movie. One piece
Uta – Shanks’s daughter in the One Piece film: Red

Is the Wano arc over?

It looks like it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if another fight broke out before the Straw Hats resumed their travels. One Piece has a history of taking a moment and stretching it across episodes.

Especially when it’s paired with filler that does nothing for the show, I don’t need to see the same scene repeated for several episodes without a conclusion. Thankfully, it doesn’t sound like that’s the case with this mini-arc.

What do we know about the One Piece: Red movie?

One Piece: Red is the 15th film in the One Piece series and introduces us to Uta. Shank’s daughter and the world’s most famous diva.

Red was announced in commemoration of One Piece’s 1,000th episode. The film will release on August 6, 2022.

Uta’s voice is described as otherworldly, and she is performing live on an island for the first time. So what role does Shanks play in the film?

Will he and Luffy meet? Does Uta have her own pirate crew? Who is the villain, and how will this impact the rest of the series?

We know that Jimbei will be present as a member of the Straw Hats, which is fantastic because Jimbei is one of my favorite characters. And the Straw Hats need someone like Jimbei to level them out.

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