Overlord Albedo figure by F:NEX is a kimono-wearing Japanese Doll with a price that’d shock Ainz

Albedo looks absolutely stunning in her new kimono, but her price is going to prevent most collectors from buying her. Pic credit: F:NEX

F:NEX has released a new Overlord Albedo figure for pre-order! She is about 19.3 inches tall and is made of PVC, ABS, rayon, polyester, acetate, and cardboard.

Albedo comes with three stands, one to support her body and two to support her wings. The pre-order will end on September 16, 2022, and is estimated to begin shipping in May to July 2023.

The bad news is: that she costs anywhere from $2,307.69 to $4,730.00 at the pre-order price. If you miss the pre-order, some sites will sell her at $5,255.00.

This means she will be your favorite figure or the most expensive purchase of the year. Or make the person who buys it for you your favorite person in the whole world.

The details on her wings, hair, and kimono are sublime! Pic credit: F:NEX

Why is she so expensive?!

F:NEX is one of the premier anime-figure makers and is a long-established doll-maker in Japan. She’s a 1/4 figure, and the kimono is made of cloth.

She comes with a fan made of cardboard, easily the figure’s most delicate part. You can feel the love and care that went into her hair and wings.

Her kimono has traditional patterns, and the back is the perfect tribute to her regular outfit in the anime.

Are there any other Albedo kimono figures?

Yes, and it is much easier to afford at roughly $250. Although her color scheme, pose, and materials are different.

F:NEX produced a stunning Albedo wearing a purple yukata made of PVC and ABS. She’s holding a fan, and there’s an Ainz figure that complements her in a set.

You can buy one or both on specific sites like eBay to save money. Sadly, I’ve only been able to find two Albedo kimono figures, but since Season 4 of the anime just started, maybe we’ll get another one!

Hopefully, at a more accessible price range so more people can bring her home. What do you think about this Albedo figure?

I’ve started to collect anime figures myself and would love to hear about your collections. So leave a comment or some pictures to show off your anime love!

Please don’t spoil Overlord Season 4 if you’ve read the light novels. Some of us are still in the second season and need all the good things to look forward to.

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