Get ready for the rise of perching PM Demon Slayer figures! Kanao, Tengen, and more

Demon Slayer
Kanao is ready to take a break. Pic credit: SEGA

Sometimes, you need to sit back and have a snack, and this Kanao PM perching figure understands perfectly! She has her rice balls and something to drink, tea perhaps?

She sits at 5.5 inches and is made of PVC and ABS. Her pre-order ends on October 27, 2022, and she ships in June 2023.

Kanao is $28.99, but that little butterfly on her drink is adorable! Even though she’s a little shorter than some figures, this Kanao figure is perfect for any collector, and she’s not alone!

Demon Slayer
Tengen is all set to enjoy his wives’ cooking. Pic credit: SEGA

Don’t get between Tengen and his food.

Tengen’s pre-order ends on October 16, 2022, and he ships in May 2023. He’s a little taller than Kanao at 6 inches, but he’s also $28.99.

No sign of a drink, but his pose is laid-back and carefree. Nothing will stop Tengen from enjoying the food his wives make for him, and his armbands are a vibrant metallic gold.

And he’s made of PVC and ABS. So grab the former Sound Hashira before he heads to another battle.

Demon Slayer
This figure captures Muichiro’s dazed expression perfectly! Pic credit: SEGA

Muichiro Tokito

Muichiro is the current Mist Hashira and will play a significant role in the 3rd season of Demon Slayer or Kimetsu no Yaiba. Unlike the previous two figures, Muichiro doesn’t have any snacks.

But his expression is flawless, and he has his sword at his hip, just in case a demon comes by. He’s also $28.99, and his pre-order closes on September 20, 2022.

You can expect to see him in April 2023, and at 4 inches, he’s the shortest figure in this PM perching series. Muichiro is made of PVC and ABS, and fans will recognize his pose from the Hashira meeting.

Demon Slayer
Never mess with someone comfortable around snakes. Pic credit: SEGA

Obanai Iguro

Obanai doesn’t have snacks or a sword. Instead, he has his white snake, Kaburamaru, and his pose is also from the Hashira meeting.

His pre-order ends on October 16, 2022, and he’ll ship in May 2023. Like the others, he’s made of PVC and ABS and is $28.99.

But at 4.3 inches, he’s a little taller than Muichiro. Obanai is the current Serpent Hashira and has heterochromia, one of his eyes is yellow, and the other is turquoise.

You can find these figures and more on Crunchyroll and other sites!

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