Please Go Home, Miss Akutsu! English manga release date in April 2023 confirmed by Seven Seas’ Ghost Ship

Please Go Home, Miss Akutsu!
What do you do when a cute girl who’s also a delinquent keeps inviting herself to your home and won’t leave? Pic credit: Taichi Nagaoka

On September 21, 2022, Seven Seas Entertainment announced that the Please Go Home, Miss Akutsu! release date for physical and digital formats will be in April 2023.

The Please Go Home, Miss Akutsu! manga has 5 volumes and over 100 chapters.

It will be part of the Ghost Ship Imprint due to some of the characters’ panty shots and raunchy behavior.

Please Go Home, Miss Akutsu!
Why is Akutsu drawn to Ooyama’s home? Pic credit: Taichi Nagaoka

What is the Please Go Home, Miss Akutsu! manga?

Also known as Please Go Home, Akutsu-san! It’s a slice-of-life romantic comedy about a boy who has an invited house guest.

Despite having almost 30 chapters per manga book, each chapter is short and follows the same plot. You spend most of your time in Ooyama’s apartment and occasionally at school.

Akutsu invites herself into Ooyama’s home once she discovers he lives alone and refuses to leave. She hogs his bed, plays his video games, reads his manga, and asks/tells him to buy her things.

And Ooyama is too scared of her to say no. Even when he does tell her to go home, she refuses and often turns the situation around by pointing out his love for big breasts in his video games.

She even offers to let him rub her boobs if he helps her with her homework in one chapter. Akutsu also can’t go a chapter without showing us her panties.

And even when her friends point out that she’s flashing, Akutsu boldly declares that she’ll make anyone who looks at them give her money. After that, the romance feels like an afterthought.

Ooyama spends most of his time trying to reason with her and get her to leave. Yes, he’s attracted to her, but he’s also scared of her.

It’s not a bad story. However, Akutsu does fall in love with Ooyama and tells him to tell everyone else to leave him alone.

But each chapter is a day in the manga, and the boy hasn’t locked his door! So if he doesn’t want her to keep coming over, he should’ve locked the door and called the cops when she tried to go in.

Role reversal?

If Ooyama was a girl and Akusta a boy, this could lean towards a horror element. Your classmate keeps entering your home without permission.

It doesn’t matter if she’s willing to let you touch her chest or see her underwear. This is an invasion of space.

And according to spoilers, it’s a family thing to force your way into your love interest’s home. Akustu’s mother did the same thing to her husband.

The humor is decent, and you get a little character development over several chapters. But nothing groundbreaking.

Ooyama is confused by Akutsu’s actions, and after a while, he doesn’t want her to leave. He doesn’t want Akutsu to hang out in other boys’ houses.

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