Popular Spy x Family ranking well enough for a 2nd theme cafe event in 2022

SpyXFamily release date
The SpyXFamily anime became extremely popular in 2022! Pic credit: WIT Studio x Studio CloverWorks

From April 26 to May 8, Tower Records is hosting a Spy x Family cafe. This is a collaboration between three locations, Omotesando Store, Nagoya Sakea Skyle, and Chayacho.

It’s strongly recommended to make reservations due to health concerns, seating, and the amount of goods available. But the food alone looks adorable.

Not only can you choose between drinks, lunch/dinner, and desserts, but the event also has a takeout menu and an exclusive drink you can take home.

A delightful look at the Forger Family playing instruments. Pic credit: Wit Studio and CloverWorks.

Key details about the Spy x Family cafe event

Timing is everything and any group larger than three people won’t be able to sit together. The person who made the reservations must be present and you should arrive anywhere from 30 minutes to 15 minutes before your scheduled time.

There is no way to pick a seat, and you must eat and drink in the cafe before moving on to purchase the merchandise. That said, the collaboration cafe promises to entertain all five senses of visitors.

This article is depending on Google translate, the official website of the event states not every seat will have a good view of a screen. Visitors will only be able to enjoy the event for 80 minutes in order to free up seats.

Do not attempt to trade items in the store.

The first Spy x Family cafe event happened before there was an anime

Tower Records has hosted many collaboration cafes. But they usually wait until an anime has been produced. Spy x Family had its first event way back in 2020.

Since it was a manga event, fans got to eat a character who hasn’t been introduced to the anime yet. No spoilers here, but I will say the anime is going to keep getting better.

If I was in Japan, I’d be torn between Anya’s menu and Yor’s. Spy x Family’s official Twitter and the event website make me wish I had a passport.

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