Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal Netflix U.S. release date for Part 1, 2 confirmed for June 2021 [Trailer]

Netflix Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal release date
Netflix’s Sailor Moon Eternal movie will have the Sailor Guardians facing off against the Dead Moon Circus. Pic credit: Netflix

The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal Netflix U.S. release date has officially been confirmed for June 3, 2021. Both Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 and Part 2 will premiere globally on Netflix on that date.

The movies originally released in Japanese theaters back in January and February 2021, respectively.

“We have long been hoping to bring Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie to people around the world since the initial release in Japan in January and February 2021,” said Fumio Osano, the editor-in-chief of the manga IP development team at Kodansha. “Today, we are excited to bring these movies to our fans through Netflix. Amidst these challenging times, it is our greatest pleasure for viewers to feel courage and hope by watching this story about love and justice.”

Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie is the fourth film in the entire anime series and the first new Sailor Moon movie in theaters since 1995. The new Sailor Moon movie will use the art style established during Sailor Moon Crystal, which has been airing on Japanese TV since 2014.

Netflix’s Sailor Moon Eternal movie produced by Studio DEEN, Toei Animation

For the film projects, Toei Animation is collaborating with animation Studio DEEN, which is best known for producing the KonoSuba anime series.

In early 2021, DEEN also released Log Horizon Season 3 (see our story on Log Horizon Season 4), Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Season 2: Battle of Kimluck, and Netflix’s The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5. In Summer 2021, DEEN is releasing a movie called The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light.

Netflix’s Sailor Moon Eternal trailer.

Director Chiaki Kon, who directed the third season of the Sailor Moon Crystal anime TV series and Netflix’s The Way of the Househusband (The Way of the Househusband Season 2 is confirmed!), returned to direct both Sailor Moon Eternal movies.

The voice cast from the Sailor Moon Crystal series will also be returning. The cast includes Kotono Mitsuishi as Sailor Moon, Hisako Kanemoto as Sailor Mercury, Rina Satou as Sailor Mars, Ami Koshimizu as Sailor Jupiter, Shizuka Itou as Sailor Venus, and Misato Fukuen as Sailor Chibi Moon.

The primary staff will include character designer Kazuko Tadano. Writer Kazuyuki Fudeyasu will create the scripts. Manga creator Naoko Takeuchi will be acting in a supervisory role for the project.

Sailor Moon Crystal Movie
The Sailor Moon Eternal movie poster that was released in late November 2020. Pic credit: Toei Animation/Studio DEEN

Sailor Moon Eternal story is a direct sequel based on the manga series

The original Sailor Moon manga series by creator Naoko Takeuchi ran from 1991 through 1997. The 60 chapters were collected into 18 tankobon volumes. Kodansha Comics has been releasing the official English translation in North America.

“Like so many others around the world, I trace my love for anime back to watching Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon when I was a toddler – pictures of me in Usagi’s Bun Head have become a family treasure. It’s no surprise that these characters and tales about love and justice still touch the hearts of so many fans around the world,” said Ema Hirayama, Manager of Content Acquisition at Netflix. “It’s a dream come true for all of us at Netflix to have Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie join our expansive anime slate and to share this incredible story with fans around the world.”

The two-part Sailor Moon Eternal movie series is a direct sequel to the Sailor Moon Crystal anime TV series. The movies adapt a story arc from the original hit manga series.

The story is about the Sailor Guardians’ growth, both as teenage girls and as Sailor Guardians, as well as the faint first love of Chibi-Usa and Helios.

Here is the official story summary by Netflix:

“The upcoming adventures are set in April, when the cherry blossoms are in bloom and Tokyo is in a festive mood as it celebrates the largest Total Solar Eclipse of the century. As the new moon obscures the sun and gradually dims its light, Usagi and Chibi-Usa encounter Pegasus, who is in search of the chosen Maiden who can break the seal of the Golden Crystal. Meanwhile, a mysterious troupe called the Dead Moon Circus appears in town who’s nefarious plan is to scatter the nightmare incarnations known as Lemures, seize the ‘Legendary Silver Crystal,’ rule over the moon and the earth, and eventually dominate the entire universe…”

The third season of the Sailor Moon Crystal anime adapted the Death Busters arc, based on the Infinity arc of the manga series. The two-part movie series covers the story events of the Dead Moon arc of the manga.

Hopefully, the Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4 anime TV series will finish the manga’s story by adapting the fifth and final story arc, the Sailor Stars arc. Stay tuned!

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