Q Posket has a new chibi Anya Forger figure available for pre-order

Spy x Family
Anya and Director Chimera are ready for Spy x Family Part 2! Pic credit: BANPRESTO

With less than two months to go before the second cour of the Spy x Family anime begins, fans will be pleased to see this adorable Anya figure! There’s not much difference between Anya’s casual wear and her school uniform.

But the sight of her holding her favorite toy will brighten anyone’s day.

Spy x Family
A side view of the Anya Forger figure! Pic credit: BANPRESTO

Isn’t there another Q Posket Anya figure?

Yes! Two. The main differences between this new figure and her previous ones are her pose, facial expression, outfit, and Director Chimera!

This figure is called Ver 2A, which means we might be getting a 2B in the future. The difference will be in the paint job if BANPRESTO and Q Posket follow the same trend as the first Anya figure.

Another nice thing about the Q Posket figures is that they’re easily affordable. For example, you can purchase this version of Anya and the previous versions for $26.99 on Crunchyroll.

But, the pre-order will end on August 30, 2022, and she’ll start shipping in March 2023. She’s made of PVC and ABS.

Anya looks adorable in Q Posket’s style, and fans will remember how great episode one was when they see her.

What is Q Posket?

Q Posket is a collectible figure line created by BANPRESTO. The figures have big eyes that, to me, remind me of chibis and Western-style dolls.

The heads are sometimes bigger than the bodies, and plenty can choose from. And I mean more than anime.

There are Q Posket figures of Fantastic Beasts, TinyTAN, Stranger Things, Disney, Celebrities, and more. Just be careful and look around for the best deals.

Who is Anya Forger?

Anya is the glue between her new parents and the Spy x Family community. She’s a good girl who wants to be loved.

But there are many mysteries surrounding her life, her parents, age, power, and past. The first half of season one did a great job of keeping us interested and entertained.

And don’t worry, anime-onlys, this won’t have spoilers. We know that Anya is four or five years old, used to live in a secret laboratory where she was experimented on and craves excitement.

She can read minds but sometimes misunderstands what she’s hearing. Her favorite things are peanuts, Director Chimera, penguins, and Loid and Yor.

Though we haven’t learned anything about Anya’s biological father, we know that Anya became upset when asked about her preference between Yor and her birth mother. Anya started crying as she said, “Mommy.”

Fans know that Anya calls Yor “Mama.” Is Anya’s birth mother alive? Could she have been responsible for Anya being experimented on?

Hopefully, we’ll get some answers when the Spy x Family Part 2 release date comes in October 2022.

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