Ragna Crimson anime trailer PV, teaser visual released ahead of 2023 premiere

The Ragna Crimson TV anime will debut in 2023, with the precise date yet to be disclosed. Pic credit: SILVER LINK

The Ragna Crimson TV anime is set to premiere in 2023.

While we’re awaiting particulars about the premiere date, chunks of information are being released.

On November 18, 2022, Ragna Crimson received a trailer PV (immediately below) and a teaser visual (scroll down).

The trailer PV reveals additional main staff and cast members (see below for a full list).

This dark fantasy anime adaptation is based on the eponymous manga title by Daiki Kobayashi, which has been serialized in Monthly Gangan Joker since 2017. The individual chapters have been collected into eleven tankōbon volumes.

Square Enix is publishing the series under the Gangan Comics Joker label.

In March 2022, Square Enix announced that the manga series was entering its final arc with Ragna Crimson Volume 11. Back in April 2021, the publisher hinted at the “final battle,” which was about to come soon.

The plot centers on the titular character Ragna and his adventures in a fantasy setting where humanity is being threatened by powerful dragons. Ragna is a low-rank dragon hunter, who kills his prey for a bounty.

Basically, Ragna Crimson is set in an alternate medieval fantasy world, which is populated by humans and dragons, who are being ruled by a dragon god.

Due to these dangerous circumstances, humans form a Dragon Hunter Guild. Predictably, dragon hunters are considered heroes, as they devote their lives to harsh training that will help them hunt dragons down.

Now, Ragna may be a hero in the making, but many people think he is cursed, calling him a “dragon lure.” Scilicet, dragons not only killed Ragna’s parents, but they were also the bane of everyone who subsequently took Ragna in.

As the plot develops, Ragna meets Leonica, who is believed to be a prodigy dragon hunter and she’s the strongest person in the history of the guild. Desiring great glory, Leonica teams up with Ragna, as she believes his “dragon lure” talent will help her achieve her goals faster.

The Ragna Crimson anime cast and staff

This Ragna Crimson teaser visual emerged on November 18, 2022. Pic credit: SILVER LINK

Ken Takahashi (Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA) is directing the anime series at SILVER LINK (Restaurant to Another World).

The main Ragna Crimson cast members include:

  • Shinpei Aoki (The Dungeon of Black Company) — character designer
  • Deko Akao (When Will Ayumu Make His Move?) — series composer, scriptwriter

The main cast members include:

  • Chiaki Kobayashi — Ragna
  • Ayumu Murase —  Crimson
  • Inori Minase — Leonica

The Ragna Crimson TV anime was originally announced on March 19, 2022, whereby it was disclosed that the series would premiere in 2023. As of November 2023, no release window — let alone the exact premiere date — has been disclosed.

On August 19, 2022, Ragna Crimson got a key visual depicting the main characters Ragna and Crimson.

Stay tuned for further Ragna Crimson anime announcements!

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