Revenger anime project releases 2 new PV trailers

Yuen is the leader of Revenger, but can he be trusted? Pic credit: REVENGER Production Committee

On November 10 and November 12, 2022, Revenger fans saw two new PV Trailers focused on Yuen Usui and Teppa Murakami. The trailers are only about 20 seconds, but they hint at what we can expect from Revenger.

Yuen appears to have a Christian tattoo on his back, and Teppa has a high-tech bow? So what will await us in the following PV Trailers?

Teppa is one archer you don’t want to mess with! Pic credit: REVENGER Production Committee

Who is Yuen Usui?

Yuen Usui is the leader of Revenger and owner of the convenience shop. According to the official website, Yuen Usui uses gold leaf to dispose of his targets.

This makes sense, given he’s a maki-e artist, but this can work against him as his work is well known. But Yuen also helps the townspeople with their problems and is seen as a jack of all trades.

Earning the local’s trust is a smart strategy, but Yuen also has a Christian tattoo on his back. This was forbidden at that time due to government and national religious beliefs.

Is Yuen trying to uphold his sense of justice, or is there more going on?

Who is Teppa Murakami?

Teppa might become my favorite character. He works as a town doctor and will treat anyone who can’t pay.

But he used to be a pirate and still has the urge to destroy. With his muscular build and fancy high-powered bow, he can hit distant targets easily.

However, the website does not say what kind of bow Teppa uses, and we only see it for a few seconds in the PV Trailer. Could this be an early version of the high-tech bows hunters use today, or is this a blending of the timeline?

And is Teppa using drugs to help him bust through his shirt and help his aim? Either way, I can’t wait to find out once the anime begins streaming!

Which PV Trailer is your favorite? Are you looking forward to the Revenger anime? Unfortunately, there aren’t any new hints to help us with the plot, but Revenger looks like an exciting head-scratcher.

Please drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts on Revenger. And remember to stay safe out there.

You never know if someone is hiding something or if they can hit you with an arrow when you least expect it!

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