S. H. Figuarts Broly Super Hero is available for pre-order!

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
This new Broly figure looks awesome and works with Gohan from the Super Hero movie! Pic credit: S. H. Figuarts

Although Broly didn’t do much in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, he still gets a new figure that shows his training outfit on Beerus’s planet. And it comes with a Crying Broly face plate!

It’s unknown how long the pre-order will stay open, but this Broly is a Premium Bandai exclusive. You can purchase it on other sites, but the Premium Bandai site gives us a price tag that’s easy to understand.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
Recreate your favorite scenes from the latest Dragon Ball movie! Pic credit: S. H. Figuarts

What sets this Dragon Ball figure apart?

Not only is this Broly in his base form, but his top half is brand new. He’s wearing the training outfit he wears on Beerus’s planet.

But those who love Broly’s muscles can still appreciate this figure. He’s made of PVC and ABS and stands 7.5 inches tall.

Sadly, this Broly doesn’t come with any Ki blasts, but I love the detail on Baa’s ear! Like other Broly figures, Baa’s ear can be adjusted in the back, and it looks like an actual appendage.

Unfortunately, you can’t remove it, but the figure comes with two extra left hands, three extra right hands, three face plates, and an Ultimate Gohan head part. And the best part is Broly is currently $70!

That’s not a bad price for a figure with this much detail, but the rest of Gohan is sold separately. Broly is expected to ship in July 2023.

Which Broly figure is the best?

Odds are, most fans will lean towards Broly in his transformed states, especially when they come with accessories like Ki waves and Ki blasts. But the crying face plate is comical and cute.

Broly gets to witness a rare sight of Vegeta beating Goku. And it looks like he’s getting training on controlling his rage while sparring with Goku and Vegeta.

$70 might seem like much, but the height and attention to detail are worth it. In addition, Broly can still be made into various battle poses.

And his height is apparent if you stand him next to other figures. Broly looks like he should in comparison to the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie.

So the only reason you should own a figure taller than Broly is that they’re from a different line. Naturally, he’s around the same height as his Dragon Ball Z counterpart, but the Broly Super Hero figure is also the same height as some Hulk figures.

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