Seven Seas is giving Do Not Say Mystery an English manga adaptation

Do Not Say Mystery
Do Not Say Mystery is a fascinating read, and Seven Seas will release it in omnibus format! Pic credit: Yumi Tamura

Seven Seas Entertainment announced at Anime Expo 2022 that they’re giving Do Not Say Mystery the English treatment!

So if you love Death Note and who-done-it stories, don’t miss out on Do Not Say Mystery!

Do Not Say Mystery
What do you do when the police say they have a witness stating that you killed someone? Keep talking, and hope you can still enjoy your curry! Pic credit: Yumi Tamura

What is Do Not Say Mystery?

Like many manga, Do Not Say Mystery was meant to be a one-shot by Yumi Tamura. But Monthly Flowers, the same magazine that carried the one-shot, began serializing it on November 28, 2017.

Which is precisely one year after the one-shot was published, the manga currently has ten volumes, but the 11th will be available on June 10, 2022. Unfortunately, English readers will have to wait till May 2023 to pick up a copy, but Seven Seas will be publishing Do Not Say Mystery in 2-in-1 omnibuses!

Do Not Say Mystery is about a curry-loving, afro-sporting college student Totonou Kunou. Who gets accused of murder and solves the case by observations and talking.

Lots of talking. Chapter one, which is also the one-shot, is very text-heavy. You won’t find much action, but all the text plays a role.

Kouno isn’t a superhero or has special powers, yet he can pick up on the police’s internal problems and offer excellent advice.

Such as marriage, child-rearing, and self-respect, and he also points out flaws in the police’s questions to him. Do they know the witness, and how do they know that the witness is telling the truth?

These are excellent questions, and throughout the interrogation, Kouno keeps calm and doesn’t fight the police on anything. Except for the fact that he didn’t kill anyone.

What else do we know about Do Not Say Mystery?

It has a live-action drama series that is hilarious. I’ve only seen the trailer for it, but Masaki Suda captures Kouno’s personality perfectly.

The drama only has 12 episodes from January 10 to March 28, 2022. However, the manga is still ongoing, and each chapter feels like an episode.

Except for Kuno getting dragged into problems and the police up, each mystery is its own thing. Once Kuno starts talking, everyone can’t help but listen.

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