Shangri-La Frontier anime production confirmed by PV trailer

Shangri-La Frontier
Shangri-La Frontier is getting an anime, and if it looks anything like the PV. We’ll be in for an amazing journey! Pic credit: Kodansha

Gamer and anime fans unite because Shangri-La Frontier is getting an anime! Shonen Magazine News on Twitter confirmed this on June 29, 2022.

Unfortunately, that’s all they’ve confirmed, but if it turns out to be as good as the animation in the PV, then I’ll have no complaints.

Shangri-La Frontier
Are you ready to test your skills in Shangri-La Frontier? Pic credit: Katarina and Ryosuke Fuji

What do we know about Shangri-La Frontier?

Most people avoid bad or trashy games filled with glitches and bugs and are called unplayable. But Rakuro Hizutome tracks down these games and beats them.

But playing bad games can get boring, so Rakuro decides to change things and begins playing Shangri-La Frontier. A god-tier full-dive VR game with 30 million players.

Thanks to his skills, Rakuro skips the prologue, kills some low-level enemies, and encounters his rival? Can a trash-game player beat a polished masterpiece?

How can you read it?

Shangri-La Frontier began as a web novel that isn’t available in a physical format. Fortunately, Katarina, the writer, has teamed up with Ryosuke Fuji to make a manga adaptation.

Kodansha USA has begun translating the manga, but English readers must wait until Fall 2022 before they can read the 4th volume. Japan currently has eight volumes as of April 15, 2022.

A PV or promotional video to celebrate the manga’s 1st anniversary came out on July 7, 2021. Even though the video isn’t fully animated, it does have voice actors!

Azumi Waki is the narrator, and Yuma Uchida voices Sunraku, Rakuro’s gamer tag. If you visit Shangri-La Frontier’s website, there are four PVs, and Azumi Waki voices three different characters?

You can find all of the PVs on the shonenmagazine official YouTube channel. These two may be part of upcoming anime, but we still don’t know.

Being a gamer before the internet was a thing, I’m excited to see Shangri-La Frontier animated!

What to read/watch while you wait.

Sword Art Online will probably be everyone’s gaming anime for a while, but the .hack series is king in my heart. No Game No Life is also one of my favorites, primarily due to Shiro.

Gaming anime/manga is a niche I don’t want to crawl out of, and there are hundreds to choose from. So what are your thought on Shangri-La Frontier?

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