Sound director for My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising teases work update

My Hero Trailer Image
Action shot from My Hero Academia Season 4 official trailer. Pic credit: IGN/YouTube

The fourth season of My Hero Academia is about to air soon and fans are excited. And that’s not all, as the second animated feature film is set to be released later this winter.

Entitled My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, the film project is much anticipated by fans because the story concept was one of the series creator’s initial ideas for a series finale. Recently, a new update was made on the project by the sound director of the movie.

This latest update comes by way of @aitaikimochi on Twitter who points out that series composer Yûki Hayashi sent out an e-mail to the sound director of the film about what music to include in this second feature film.

Another reason to get hyped up about this film is that series creator Kōhei Horikoshi had said that it will likely be the last movie for the My Hero Academia franchise as he doesn’t believe they will be able to top it. We doubt this because the franchise has become as popular as other series like One Piece and Naruto which boast multiple films.

Want to check out a teaser of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising? A promo video has recently been posted which you can watch below.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is directed by Kenji Nagasaki, who also directed the anime TV series and the first movie. Yoshihiko Umakoshi is the character designer, Yosuke Kuroda is the writer, and Yûki Hayashi is the music composer. Kōhei Horikoshi will also be providing new character designs and acting as creative supervisor.

This second feature film is scheduled for release in Japanese theaters in December. In this movie, All Might steps down as the Symbol of Peace, while Deku and Class A will have to face off against their greatest foe, a villain that goes by the name of Nine.

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