Spy Classroom anime announced

Lily from Spy Classroom
Lily poses with a gun in the key visual revealed alongside the anime’s announcement. Pic credit: spyroom_anime

The anime adaptation of Spy Classroom was announced today, with an exclusive key visual and trailer released alongside the announcement.

Spy Classroom is a light novel series with a manga adaptation, set in a world where espionage is everything. Wars fought by traditional means were deemed inefficient following the events of the world war, with the politicians of the world deciding to fight information wars instead. This switch in tactics meant that a greater supply of spies was needed, with the spies thus being trained in different facilities across the country.

10 years after the World War, Klaus, a super experienced spy with a mission success rate of 100%, has been tasked with an impossible mission, one graded with the chance of death for the mission at around 99%. And, to help him achieve this mission, he has eight girls, near flunkies, from various spy facilities to aid him in his mission. With only a month to train them into respectable operatives, Klaus’s quest might be easier said than done, especially considering that he’s, well, not the best teacher.

Yen Press has translated Spy Classroom into English, with two volumes currently available for purchase.

You can check out the full-sized key visual used for the announcement in the announcement post below:

The series tends to be a bit of a comedy despite its serious aesthetic, so it’ll be interesting to see how they manage to balance the two sides of the anime.

When will the Spy Classroom anime come out?

As of yet, no date is confirmed for the release of the Spy Classroom anime. However, because of the typical development period of an anime project, it’s assumed that the series will be set for 2023 or later. The series is far from over, with six volumes and two special editions released, and the series attaining the rank of the 2nd place light novel in KonoRano back in 2021.

You can watch the preview trailer for the anime here:

Who is working on the anime?

The studio feel is covering the anime adaptation of the light novel series, with Sora Amamiya playing Lily, the titular character of the series, and Yuichiro Umehara playing Klaus, the aloof instructor tasked with the mission. Keiichiro Kawaguchi, known for his work on the new season of Higurashi and Hayate the Combat Butler, is directing the series. It’ll be interesting to see if he can pull all the pieces together and make the series something to remember.

This isn’t the only spy-themed anime set to gain prominence, either — the upcoming Spy x Family adaptation is highly anticipated, with its release scheduled for next month.

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