Spy x Family Chapter 72 reveals a connection between Mr. Henderson and Martha! [Manga Review]

Spy x Family
If only the Forger’s could enjoy more days like this illustration. Pic credit: Tatsuya Endo

Although many Spy x Family fans were disappointed to see the above illustration instead of a new chapter two weeks ago, Spy x Family Chapter 72 more than made up for the wait.

Can Yuri help save the day? And how do Mr. Henderson and Martha know each other? Finally, and most importantly, how will Loid and Yor react to this situation?

Spy x Family
Is there more to Mr. Henderson than meets the eye? Pic credit: WIT STUDIO and CLOVERWORKS

To protect your country or your citizens?

Most people would consider protecting citizens, especially children, to be the same as protecting your country. However, children are the future, and traumatic events, like being held hostage on a school bus with the threat of being shot or dying in an explosion, can impact anyone.

And to make matters worse, these kids go to Eden. And the Red Circus knows who they are! So why isn’t the Secret Police doing anything about this?

The regular police are trying to help the kids, and some parents are breathing down the government’s neck. Yet the SSS refuses to negotiate with the terrorists.

Fortunately, the Red Circus group isn’t completely inhumane. They’re letting the kids off the bus to use the bushes, permitted Mr. Henderson to bring over food and water, and agreed to let Mr. Henderson stay on the bus so a substitute teacher could go to the hospital.

But how does Mr. Henderson know Martha, the Blackbell’s butler? First, we know Mr. Henderson can throw a punch.

But Loid didn’t see him as a threat. So is it possible that WISE cannot investigate people as thoroughly as they should?

Or does Mr. Henderson have connections similar to Yor? And if so, are we about to see some more elegant fighting?

Why didn’t Bond see this coming?

Although Bond’s ability to see the future isn’t perfect, he was able to predict Loid’s death once. So why haven’t we seen him get a vision about Anya’s situation?

Does he have a similar weakness to Anya? Or is this Endo’s way of saying Anya and the rest of the Eden group aren’t in danger?

The bombs on Anya and Damien are fake, but the bullets are real. The Red Circus have planned this very well, but how do they not know that most of their jailed comrades are dead?

And what will they do once they find out? If Bond does get a vision, how will he help anyone? Loid is on another mission, and Yor is at work.

Bond has tracked down Loid before, but does he have enough time? Will Spy x Family Chapter 73 resolve this crisis?

Or is the Spy x Family manga about to get a lot darker?

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