SPY x FAMILY CS:GO game gun mod gives Anya Forger the silenced pistol she’s always wanted!

Spy x Family Season 1
Anya wants a silenced pistol, Loid! Pic credit: WIT Studio

A CS:GO gun mod on bilibili has granted Anya’s wish and lets her have a silenced pistol. What’s more, you can either play the SPY x FAMILY game mod as Anya or carry her while she shoots a gun.

If you make Anya’s gun your weapon of choice, you can see her kick her feet and turn in the direction you’re aiming. Just make sure you’re a good aim, and don’t let Anya get hurt!

Good job, Anya. Pic credit: WIT Studio.

What is CS:GO?

CS:GO stands for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It’s a multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment in 2012.

Global Offensive is the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series and won the “Best Esports Game in The Game Awards in 2017, 2019, and 2020. Global Offensive currently has nine game modes and is very customizable, especially on Steam.

Why does Anya want a silenced pistol?

We learn a lot of things about Anya in SPY x FAMILY Episode 1. She can read minds, she hates studying, and she loves peanuts and her new family.

But what serves as a hilarious recurring theme throughout the series is her love for Spy Wars. A cartoon where Bondman must rescue Princess Honey and save the world!

The narrator often says that Anya is starved for excitement. And her love of spies is one of the reasons she tries so hard to stay with Loid.

On their first outing, Anya tells Loid she wants a silenced pistol that doesn’t make noise. Loid agrees, but they have to find one that’s on sale.

That’s bad parenting, Loid! Anya also asks to live in a castle, and Loid agrees again. Of course, they don’t live in one, but Loid did rent a castle to play save Princess Anya in SPY x FAMILY Episode 5: Will they Pass or Fail, which aired on May 7, 2022.

Once Anya was accepted into Eden Acadamy after waiting three days on the waiting list, Franky invites himself over and celebrates Anya’s success with them. Then, a drunk Franky tells Anya that Loid will buy her anything she wants as a reward.

Anya says she wants to enact one of her favorite episodes, and Loid reluctantly agrees. Not only does he rent a castle, but he gets all available agents to help make the game better.

Will Anya ever get her pistol?

As clueless as Loid is when it comes to childcare. I don’t see him ever letting Anya have a real gun. Yor isn’t the brightest, but I doubt she’d agree to this either.

Of course, the anime is almost halfway through the first season. But a lot can happen between now and when the anime catches up to the manga.

We don’t know how Anya escaped from the doctors experimenting on her. However, there’s a good chance the Forger family will encounter them in the future.

But until then, I’m going to enjoy watching Anya listen in on her parent’s thoughts.

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