Spy x Family Episode 21 review: Starts with misdirection, ends adorably!

Spy x Family
“Who is the woman, Loid?” Pic credit: WIT STUDIO and CLOVERWORKS

In many ways, Fiona is Loid‘s version of Yuri. Both love their respective Forger and their mission.

Nothing would make them happier than to see the other removed from the picture, but their feelings toward Anya are different. And then you have the added tension of the secrets Fiona and Yuri are keeping.

What’s going to happen when these two characters meet? And why hasn’t Loid done his research on every show Anya watches?

Spy x Family
Who is responsible for this horrible crime? Pic credit: WIT STUDIO CLOVERWORKS


The bond between student and teacher is often like a bond between parents and children. We don’t know how long Fiona trained under Loid, but it’s clear that she doesn’t see him as a father figure.

And it looks like her feelings for Loid are known to the Handler. Yet our favorite spy doesn’t seem to notice her feelings.

Fiona has an impeccable poker face that doesn’t give herself away, except when she’s trying to get Loid to review the mission or Anya is reading her mind. But will her presence hinder the romance between Loid and Yor?

Using Anya’s dropped magnifying glass as an excuse to appear at the Forger’s door, Fiona quickly proves her skills as a spy. She knew Loid wasn’t at the house and didn’t say anything rude to Yor while she was there.

Except for the last bit before Loid, Anya, and Bond come home, will it serve as a blow to Yor’s self-esteem? I love how Anya reacts to Fiona and quickly declares her love for Yor.

It’s wired and very similar to how she hints that she doesn’t have a mother in episode 2! Is it wrong that highly trained spies and an assassin can’t tell that a child is manipulating them?

Nope! But what’s going to happen on the mission between Fiona and Loid?

First Fit Of Jealousy

It’s time for Anya to go to bed, but like most children, she wants to finish watching her cartoons! And this time, it’s not Spy Wars.

But it does feature animals scouting an area in an army-type way. Anya tells Bond that the polar bear looks just like him, and someone shoots the penguin!

Loid shows up and makes Anya go to the bathroom, but the damage is done, and she wants to sleep with her giant penguin toy. But Bond doesn’t look happy to see Anya snuggling it.

Anya finds Mr. Penguin on the floor covered in rips the following day. Loid mentions that it looked like something bit and scratched the giant plushie, and Anya reads Bond’s mind.

Anya is upset that Bond attacked one of her favorite toys and says she hates Bond. Yor attempted to fix the toy, but he wound up looking worse.

Loid offers to buy Anya a new one, but she says this toy is important because it’s the one Loid got her. He then decides to try to fix it and notices that Bond is in the kitchen, getting something from the cupboard.

Unfortunately, Mr. Penguin now looks like he has scars, but Loid says scars are nothing to be ashamed of. Bond comes into Anya’s room, holding a bag of peanuts, and Loid says Bond wants Anya to forgive him.

She does so, and Loid wishes peace between the East and the West could be that easy.

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